Can you wear jeans to a Wedding?

When we receive an invite for a wedding ceremony of either a family friend or associate, we are always happy and looking forward to going to the event. Weddings are always a joyous moment for both their family and themselves.

Are you preparing for a wedding? Do you have what to wear? This is one aspect of wedding preparation that is difficult for many. On most occasions, the celebrants will give the color of the day and you will be expected to be in that dress code.

But most of us don’t like being in formal dress, we like it casual. To disappoint you, wedding codes are mostly in formal dress. Are you ready for that or can you wear jeans to the wedding?

Can I wear jeans to a wedding?

You are not expected to wear jeans to a wedding period.

When planning to attend a wedding ceremony, it is important you remember that it is a special occasion for the couple and as such you don’t need to be off. And also the wedding ceremony is a formal event which means that you might not wear any casual dress.

Many people might argue that you can put on any type of cloth for a wedding as far as you are comfortable with that, but I will not advise you to do that though you have your own plans and choice to make.

One thing you should also know is that no law bans you from wearing denims to a wedding. So when preparing to attend a wedding, you should put something in mind. One of which is the dress code of the event. If it says suit, then you have to be in one.

Some couples might not specify the type of dressing to be worn at their event, but I  assure you you don’t want to be off by wearing jeans. You can imagine being in a wedding ceremony and you are the only person who is Wearing jeans, how would you feel? 

No matter how casual a wedding is supposed to be or if the place it is taking place in, casual wear is not supposed to be worn by anybody unless it is the dress code for the day, but I guess no one will do that.

 Can I wear black jeans to a wedding?

Some people might argue that black or dim jeans are seen to be more formal that blue jeans, but a Jean is a Jean. No matter how attached you must be with your denims, you leave it for other places you choose to go. So for me, you should not wear a black jeans to a wedding unless recommended by the celebrants. 

Can you wear jeans and a blazer to a wedding?

Going out with your friends to shopping or event centers with jeans and blazers is very nice. Many people look good in blazers and if you do look good, then wear it. But when it comes to weddings, it is a no no.

We might still feel that a black jeans with a nice blazer look good and are seen to be formal by many people, but the truth is it is not. Though you can go to an interview with that, yes some companies do accept it, but that does not make it good for weddings.

You cannot wear jeans and a blazer to a formal wedding, that’s just it. No matter how good you look on it, leave it for other occasions.

Can I wear jeans to a wedding with no dress code?

You might be invited to a wedding ceremony and you are very excited to share their joy. As the date is coming close you decide to get prepared for the event and one thing that will come to your mind is what will I wear, then the dress code will come to your mind. You will rush to get the invite card but there is no dress code there.

It happens, some couples might not have any dress code in mind , so they don’t want to choose for their guest so they leave that aspect. This means you can go with any dress of your choice that is modest for a wedding. So what can I wear to a wedding without a dress code?

If you want to attend a wedding with no specific dress code given by the couple, you need to think about some things before choosing any clothes to wear. Remember jeans are not an option.

First, where is this wedding going to take place? To help you choose a nice color for any wedding without dress code, the event center is important. If it is a Christian wedding, that means it will be in a church, so your choice of clothes will be such not to disrespect such institutions. Also if it is a traditional marriage, then try to think of a couple’s tradition and their dressing so as to fit in.

 Secondly, Who are the couple?  Nice clothes for the wedding ceremony of a lawyer will not necessarily be the dress code for a business man. So taking notice of this is very important.

Thirdly, the expected audience. When you are planning to attend the wedding of your daughter to the president of the United States of America, I am sure you will not be willing to wear jeans to the wedding. One of the reasons being that there will be high ranking dignitaries at the event and you don’t want to look odd. So when choosing a wedding dress for no dress code wedding, take the expected audience into consideration.

What not to wear to a wedding

Though in most of the celebrations you can attend today, no one will chase you out of the event if you are not in the dress code and there is no law that establishes the wedding codes, so you can’t be held for crime. But there are certain things to avoid to respect the celebrants and yourself. Below are some things not to wear to any wedding.

Avoid wearing jeans

As we have said earlier, it is not respectful to wear jeans to weddings, either black or blue or with a Blazer. Putting on such an outfit will not dignify the institution.

White Gown

Though no one should dictate to you what you should wear to any place, putting on a white Gown as a female will be disrespectful to pride. In every marriage ceremony, the bride should be the only one on white Gown so as to look different because it’s her day. So avoid wearing white Gown to weddings.

Bridals color and style

Some of the invites given out for weddings will come with bridal color and you don’t want to put on the same thing. The bridal train should be amazing so as to entertain the audience and seeing you with the same color and style will not be good.

Transparent clothes

It’s near a norm now in our societies for young ladies to be putting on transparent clothes. This dress in itself will not be accepted by most people in the streets. A wedding ceremony will also not be the right place to wear such an outfit. Please protect yourself and others while at a wedding and not cause unnecessary distractions.