Can you Wear Jeans to a funeral | Best Alternatives

Are you getting ready for a funeral? Then you might be thinking of the best outfit to put on for that sorrowful event. Can I wear a pair of jeans for a funeral? Should I put on Nike shoes or wear a T-shirt?

But why do you need to think of a type of dress to wear for a funeral thanksgiving or visitation? This is supposed to be an event that no one should be looking at what you wear, but it really matters.

Funerals are occasions to pay your last respect for the deceased and such people see it as time to take it very seriously.

Can you wear jeans to a funeral?

The fact is that most people prefer wearing an official dress to funerals and this is an old tradition that we still see very useful today. Since the etiquette of funerals involves being in a formal dress, then you can not go to a funeral with jeans. This is because jeans are seen to be a casual wear.

There are sets of rules per say on the type of clothes to put on while attending a burial ceremony. One of the most noticed is wearing black suits or other forms of dress. Wearing bright colors is not acceptable.

What can I wear to a funeral

Before going to any funeral ceremony, you should make sure you get prepared so you won’t catch the attention of the people instead of the deceased family. So what can you wear to a funeral. Below are nice tips when preparing for a burial ceremony.

Choose a Dark Color: One of the etiquettes of funerals is that all invitees are expected to be on black clothes for most of the time. But  While you don’t have to wear black dress if the family did not specify the dress code, it will be wise that you should choose darker, subdued colors. 

Wearing Black and dark colors which can be gray, navy blue will show more normal  respect to the deceased and symbolize mourning.

Avoid flashy clothes: wearing flashy and glittering clothes will not be the best for you when attending a funeral. Also clothes with bright inscriptions will not be the best. So avoid being on them.

Modesty: Since you will be going to console the family of the dead, then being modest in dressing will be the best. Avoid wearing short skirts or trousers to funerals. This might be seen as offensive by most of the people in attendance.

Family wish: On some occasions, the family of the deceased will want you to come to the funeral with jeans. This might be to dress in the best outfit of the dead person. On this occasion, wearing a pair of jeans to a funeral will not be seen as bad. So you have to obey the decision of the family of the dead.

We should all remember that the purpose of attending a funeral service is honoring the dead and showing support to their family, so even if we don’t have any other clothes to put on that is official, wearing dark colored jeans will be acceptable.

Can I wear pencil Jeans to a funeral?

One thing that you most put to heart is that jeans are not widely accepted to be nice for a funeral ceremony, wake or visitation. 

Furthermore, when it comes to style of clothes, pencil ones are not generally seen as modest. Whether it is an official or casual wear, penciled trousers are seen as immodest by the public.

So I will not advise you to wear pencil jeans to a funeral.

Best Alternative to wearing jeans to a funeral, wake or visitation.

One important thing to also remember is that there is no law in the United States or anywhere in the world that forbids anyone from wearing either blue or black jeans to a funeral. The reasons for not wearing casual wear like blue jeans to funerals are just traditional beliefs and customs.

So what can you do if you don’t have a nice black suit to wear for a burial ceremony? One thing you must bear in mind is that your outfit must be modest and attention free. So below are the best alternatives to wearing jeans to a funeral.

Go to Cheap shops

If you really want to go for a funeral service or wake and you don’t have a suit, either black or other dime colors, you don’t have to wear your usual blue jeans but you can get yourself a suit.

The reason why you don’t have a black suit or Shirt to wear for a funeral ceremony might be because you don’t have money to get the designer’s braziers or nice suit. You don’t need to worry about cost again, you can get a nice suit in any of the cheap clothing shops around you. 

The suit used for a funeral ceremony is not necessarily of high cost. A simple Black suit will be highly appreciated by the family, so get one for yourself for another time.

Visit a second hand store

There are also other means to get a black suit for a burial ceremony if you can’t afford expensive clothes. In any of the second hand stores near you, you can get a black suit with a small amount of money so you won’t have to attend the funeral service with jeans.

Rent or Hire a suit

You might be one of us that wearing a corporate dress like a suit is a difficult thing or you don’t have the financial strength, then you don’t have to show up in a wake or visitation on a Jean, rather you can hire a suit for the occasion and return it immediately after the event.

One thing you have to keep in mind when you rent a cloth is that you need to keep it safe and undamaged so as not to spend extra money when you return it. If you are to iron the dress, you must take care not to burn it.

Borrow a suit

Borrowing a suit to the event is also common among single guys and ladies nowadays. So if you don’t want to take other alternatives to wearing jeans to a funeral ceremony, then you can ask a friend to lend you one.

Nobody will know that the suit you wear is not yours since names are not written on them and again the attention of the audience will be on the deceased family not you. Even if the suit is not well fitted, it is still better than wearing your casual dress to a service for the dead.

How to wear jeans for a funeral

On some occasions you have no option than to wear jeans for visitation or to a funeral wake because you don’t have a suit. For you to wear a pair of jeans to this event, the jeans must be black and plain. It should not have bright colors or design on it. The top can be a nice T-shirt with a black brazier. 

If you dress this way, many people might not notice that you are wearing a Jean especially if it is black and neat, not rumpled.

Can you wear a blue jeans to a funerals ceremony

A blue to a funeral is a no-no. It is not advisable to put on blue jeans when you are going to a place where a family member or associate is to be buried. Blue is a nice color but it is bright. Clothes to be seen in such a place should not be shouty or bright to avoid shifting attention from the deceased family to you.