Why are Birkenstock so Expensive? – Verified Reasons

Why are Birkenstock so Expensive? In the footwear industry worldwide, Birkenstock is a well known brand. It has been in operation for over 200 years and still maintain their quality and to some extend have improved on needed areas.

There are many reasons why Birkenstock as a brand have taken over the market of quality sandals and shoes and these are among the reasons why it is very expensive.

Due to its versatility and comfortable nature, Birkenstock have created a continues demand for it products. Also their product is of high quality.

With these high-quality sandals comes an increase in cost. Along with their popularity, different factors affect the cost of Birkenstocks. So, why are Birkenstocks so expensive?

why are Birkenstocks so expensive

Why are Birkenstocks so expensive?

There are many verified reasons why Birkenstock are very expensive and it is the only reason why some who can’t fund the bill look elsewhere.

Apart from being a well known brand, their products are of very high quality and their employees are well paid and they work in a suitable working environment. All these are the reasons why Birki’s are very expensive.

To help use understand the factors that contributed to the high cost of buying Birkenstocks, we will look at them one after the other and this will help us see while Birkenstocks are sold over $100.

1. Standard work Ethics

As you may know, All shoes from the brand are manufactured in Germany under good working conditions. unlike other manufacturing companies in the footwear industries, the living conditions of their workers is very important to them.

They pay their workers a living wage and this is extra cost on them. For most makers, they move to countries where they can source for cheap labour and exploits their citizens but it is not so with Birkenstocks.

Also, why Birkenstock are very expensive is because unlike other shoe manufacturers who cut corners when it comes to production costs, Birkenstocks are still made ethically.

2. Quality Material

Another reason why Birkenstocks are very expensive is because it is made from materials of very high quality. Their products have also improved to a better level as it is when they started.

Birkenstocks are made with the most sustainable materials available to promote comfort, support, and durability.

The Natural leather, suede, latex, and other materials ensure that Birkenstocks are strong products for footwear while promoting breathability and durability. Pairing strength with comfort is a top priority.

For example, the cork that is used for the sole is gotten from Oak trees but these trees will not be cut down.

Also the adhesives used in creating Birkenstocks, 98% are water-based, which means they pose little contamination risk to the environment.

The latex used also in the manufacturing process are natural latex which is more environmentally save than the regular latex from hydro-carbons.

The leather used by the brand for the top and sole covering are made using real leather, with a cork footbed covered with more leather, and a rubber sole.

They are soft to the touch due to the leather covering on the bottom. The rubber used for the final sole is also a very durable material.

As a result, Birkenstocks are some of the more expensive comfort shoes on the market.

3. Highly Durable

As we have said earlier, Birkenstocks are made from high quality materials and as such its not just a pics of art but an asset.

They are made with the intention to last long.

Made with a tough rubber sole with a good grip, these shoes are the ideal choice for long walks on roads or dirt paths that might be hard on the bottom of your foot.

The cork sole makes for a durable base that can hold its own against a variety of terrains and you will not feel a lot of pain because it is soft to touch.

Since they are leather, it is not ideal for Birkenstocks to get wet. Leather is one of the strongest materials that can be used for a shoe. As most Birkenstock frames consist mainly of leather, the sandals can survive wear and tear over the years

However, if they are sometimes exposed to water, and properly cared for afterward, Birkenstocks can still last a very long time. Though there are very expensive but it is worth buying because of its quality.

4. Birkenstock is a popular Brand.

Because of the wide acceptance of their products, Birkenstock is a popular brand name as such increase in demand for their products.

With increase in demand for their product, they will be an increase in cost too. This is one of the reason why Birkenstock are very expensive.

So, because Birkenstock is a popular brand, you are not only paying for the product but also for the popularity of the brand.

5. Foot Support

One of the things that attract people to buy Birki’s is their foot support. The cork sole of Birkenstocks paired with leather and/or suede molds to your foot quickly.

Birkenstocks are designed to fit the human foot comfortably and supportively by containing supports for all three arches on the foot.

As you wear the shoe, you will notice that the shoes continue to mold to the unique shape of your foot.

At first, you might notice that the arch is quite hard and possibly uncomfortable.

But as you continue to wear them for a few days, you will find that they will quickly begin to mold to your feet. this is one of the reasons why Birkenstocks are very expensive when compared to other brand.

6. Many Models

Birkenstock as a company that have lasted for years have dominates the market with many models and styles.

Since they are different styles in the market, buyers will have a lot of options to choose from and this is why Birkenstocks are so expensive.

In addition, as Birkenstock offers so many different products, they can raise the price on more popular styles, new releases, and products that are more expensive to produce on their end.

7. Birkenstocks are Versatile

Another reason why Birkenstock are so expensive is because they are versatile. Because they are unisex product, anyone can get a style of their choice be you male or female.

You can also pair your shoe with any cloth of your choice and you will still ‘kill’ the event. With birki’s, you don’t need to buy too much shoes since it can serve multipurpose.

Arizona is one of the popular styles of Birkenstocks that people own. It features an open toe with two wide straps that go over the upper and middle portions of the top of the foot.

The straps on Arizona are adjustable, so that you can adjust them to suit your taste.

Another popular model is the Boston, which has a closed-toe leather fabric that covers the middle and upper portions of the foot.

This brand is popular among people who need to work in environments such as hospitals, which require closed-toed shoes, but also where comfort is of the utmost importance.

Birkenstocks can be worn by everybody, men and women, kids and adults, and to formal or casual occasions.

8. Celebrity support with media presence

Another reason why Birkenstock are so expensive is because the brand has many celebrities that wears them for shows. Apart from being Birkenstock Ambassadors or influencers, celebrities do wear them for events.

As you know, Fans can be heavily influenced by celebrities who they see as their role models. If fans see their mentors on social medial or television with Birkenstock, they will like to buy theirs too.

why are Birkenstocks so expensive


Are Birkenstocks cheaper in Germany?

As the country of origin and production, Birkenstocks should and is cheaper than other parts of the world. Being produced in Germany, most of the cost associated with logistics are cut off and as such retail prices must be lower than countries that it is exported into because of cost of the export.

Are Birkenstocks sandals or flip flops?

As we have pointed out earlier, Birkenstocks comes in different designs and styles. So Birkenstocks have Sandals and also have Flip flops. If you like sandals, then you can get one and vis versa.

Does Birkenstock have gift cards?

Yes! Birkenstocks do offer gift cards. You can purchase gift cards at https://www.birkenstock.com/de-en/purchase-giftcard and print them out yourself.