When can I wear jeans after BBL surgery?

Have to leave your designer clothes and jeans for a long time in your Waldrop is sometimes difficult and you will be willing to get yourself hot again. But after BBL surgery, it is normally advised by the surgeon not to wear certain clothes. So when can I wear jeans after BBL surgery?

One thing you should have in mind is that this is a surgery and as you need not yourself and especially the affected area to avoid unwanted reactions. So wearing tight clothes like leggings and jeans will not be advisable.

So You should not be surprised to learn that tight-fitting clothing can actually hinder the healing process and compromise your final BBL result. For this reason let us see when we can wear jeans after bbl. But before that, why not wear jeans.

Can I wear jeans immediately after BBL surgery?

You cannot wear jeans or any other clothes that are tight like leggings after BBL surgery and tummy tuck so as to get the required result. What do I mean? 

As you can see in tummy tuck surgery, there is always swelling associated with the surgery. During this period, you don’t need to wear anything tight so as not to cause deformation. The same goes with BBL surgery.

After the BBL surgery, there is time for the swelling of the buttocks to the desired shape and any tight clothes can disfigure it. To avoid this, it is not medically wise to wear jeans immediately after BBL surgery. 

Before we look at when you can wear jeans after BBL surgery, let us get more insight on how BBL is and benefits.

How does Brazilian butt lift (BBL) work?

Brazilian gluteal lifting commonly known as BBL surgery is aimed at removing fat from one area of ​​the body by liposuction and transferring it to the buttocks to achieve a fuller, rounder, more curved butt shape. 

So as a lady who wants to have a curvy backside by increasing the size and shape of their buttocks and have unwanted fat that they want to cut from a different location, this is your catch. 

It is also pertinent to note that BBL does not involve removing excess or sagging skin part of the body, so if that is your desire, then you can look for another means, not BBL surgery.

When can I wear jeans after BBL surgery?

Since we have seen that it is not medically advisable to wear jeans immediately after BBL surgery, then when is the appropriate time to wear jeans after bbl. Here it is also important to note that different people respond to treatment in different ways, some heals fast while others do take time to heal but in general there is a time frame.

After surgery, BBL patients should wear a compression stocking to minimize swelling and promote proper and desired healing at the liposuction area. Also, patients should be very careful in order not to put direct pressure on the liposuction area, because this might lead to the dying of the newly transferred fat cells, which can disrupt the final cosmetic result of BBL. 

In most cases, patients can return to work approximately 1-2 weeks after BBL surgery, although modified seating techniques and compression garments are still required. Vigorous physical activity and exercise should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks. Once most of the BBL swelling has subsided, which can take up to 2 to 3 months, patients will begin to notice that their amazing new figure is taking shape.

So when can I Wear jeans after BBL surgery?

Although you may start to feel more like yourself after just a few weeks, it is important to avoid wearing jeans, leggings and other tight-fitting clothing immediately after BBL surgery. Tight jeans and other clothes can exert pressure and strain on the newly transferred fat cells, stopping them from connecting a blood supply in the buttocks. 

In addition, if tight clothing or jeans are worn too quickly after Brazilian butt lift, patients might have great indentations, asymmetry, or other cosmetic defects.

In general, when you can wear jeans after BBL surgery is in about 8 to 12 weeks. By this time, complete healing and relaxing of the fats must have taken place. 

Your surgeon at this period will be of help to monitor your case and then recommend when you can start wearing jeans. Until then, patients are encouraged to wear loose-fitting clothing, such as sweatpants or pajamas, to maximize comfort and minimize risks.

What are the best fitting jeans after a Bbl?

After the full recovery from BBL surgery, it now time to return to wearing those your designers clothes like jeans and leggings. But you will notice something when you opened your Waldrop to put some clothes on, your jeans are no more your size. Are you surprised? You should not be.

After the surgeries, you now have increased body shape. Your buttocks will now be bigger and this will prevent your former jeans from being your size after Brazilian butt lift.

So what is the best jeans after a BBL? The type of jeans you can go for is in all the Brand’s, I will not recommend any brand for you since you can see jeans which can size you in any shop. So you have to get ready for shopping but you need to have in mind to select those jeans that will allow you walk. The best type of jeans after BBL is those meant for bodybuilders.