what to wear after C-section

As a new mother, what to wear after C-section will surely be very difficult to do some certain things on your own but you must take time to care for your self. there are a lot of responsibilities that awaits you like feeding and caring for your child but you must take time to attend to your needs especially if you gave birth through C-section. There are certain cloths you cannot wear after C-section and this you must avoid at all means. this is mainly for your safety so don’t take it for granted.

In general, you’ll want to steer clear of pants with snaps, buttons, and zippers as they could irritate the C-section’s incision. Make sure to focus your search for a postpartum outfit on clothes that are lightweight and comfortable; seek out ultra-soft clothing that can offer the comfort you’re looking for during your healing.

Finding the appropriate clothes following a C-section is essential to nursing as certain nursing clothes could be tight around your site of incision. Choose clothing that is comfortable and comfortable so that breastfeeding and the pumping are as effortless as is possible during your recovery.

Here are some helpful tips for what to wear following the cesarean birth. We hope that these tips can help you relax in the beginning days of your new partner.

what to wear after C-section

Dresses that Flow

The waistbands on specific pants and shorts could cause irritation to the site of incision for some moms, whereas others might want alternatives for wearing the “mom uniform” of loose nursing tops and pants. Comfortable gowns provide the ideal solution. (Plus nursing attire is a great outfit for a trip home So, be sure to carry an item within the luggage for the hospital for the time you’re ready to change into your dress you’re wearing in the hospital.)

Postpartum Panties

Postpartum panties are an important component of your outfit if you’re intending to rest at home after your C-section. postpartum panties are much more comfortable than tugging on your regular underwear. They are available in various types and cuts that will fit your body perfectly following a C-section. These panties are low-rise under wears for women who don’t wish to expose their stitches as well as full-coverage pants for women looking to cover the scars from surgery.

Alongside the comfort, the compression these panties for postpartum women provide can helps in decreasing swelling and helping strengthen muscles.

Belly Band

Bell band is simple wrap, which is placed around your torso and secured with Velcro it provides extra assistance to your body as it heals. Belly bands are also suggested for mothers who are postpartum and suffer from back pain or require additional abdominal strength. with belly band, you can return to your normal belly shape as you were before getting pregnant.

Abdominal Binder

The corset-like and structured wrap aids in quick healing by holding stitches in the right place and giving abdominal support that is needed. This makes it much easier to move around while recovering. Certain hospitals will provide abdominal binders for postpartum mothers however if this isn’t the situation, you can purchase one on the internet.

The best tip for the different types of wraps (and anything else you put on post-partum) is to pay attention for your body. If something feels uncomfortable or is creating discomfort, you might need to wait a little longer before you try it.


To also add to what you can wear after C-section is the comfortable leggings. these can be the ones in your closet before getting pregnant. this can really save you some cash.

Leggings are a must-have item in the wardrobe of every woman  and it is reasonable. You can wear leggings casually, or dressy depending on the event and time, and in this case after C-section. Leggings are made of fabric that have enough stretch to make them comfortable on your belly, but not too restrictive around your abdomen. If you’re looking for something that is more supportive, go for compression pants made specifically to follow the C-section.


data-id=”3″>Wearing sweatpants and Yoga pants can be suitable for recovering after a C-section. You’ve just had your baby so you’re welcome to dress in a casual way. A comfortable sweatshirt is essential for a postpartum recovery and especially when your stitches are visible. Choose an item that has some elasticity and won’t be too loose.

Button-Up Shirts and Sweaters

one of the most admired postpartum dress is button up shirts and cardigan. This two can form the best layering you can think of and you will still look jiggly.

with button up shirts, you will be able to cover yourself well without compressing the incision area.


Pajamas are always a great option for C-section moms – whether you want to wear them at home or outside of the house. to make it more fitting, look for lounge pants and loose pajama tops that won’t be too tight around your abdomen so as to compress the incision area but will still provide support, so everything feels comfortable as it heals.

If you’re looking for something more dressed up, then opt for velour jammies. They’re perfect for lounging around the house and will keep you warm when it’s cold outside – plus, they can be dressed up with a blazer or cardigan if someone comes over to visit in the evening.

Loose-Fitting T-Shirts

You can style up your occasion with T-shirts and are a great option for women recovering from surgeries due to C-section because they’re comfortable and easy to wear without worrying about anything too complicated or tight. choose looser-fitting shirts that aren’t right up against your body – especially if you want something more breathable around the abdomen area where stitches are.

Night Gowns

Wearing nightgowns is another great option for women who are recovering at home. It’s easy to wear and take off, so you won’t have to worry about anything complicated or tight. You can find all types of nightgowns – from short, cotton gowns that will be cool during the summer months to long-sleeve gowns for winter.

Choose a gown that won’t be constricting around your stitches and provides full coverage of the incision site as well as post-surgery scarring if you want to cover it up or wear loose-fitting clothing at home. It’s also best to opt for cotton nightgowns because they’ll keep you cool throughout the entire night.

C section body shaper

C-section body shaper
C-section body shaper

C-section body shaper is another c section recovery clothes that you can buy to help in in your healing process. why do you need a body shaper after c section? take a close look at the benefits of C-section body shaper below.

  • Pull On closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Stabilizes and protects C-section incision
  • Improves C-section healing and reduces scars
  • Helps reduce postpartum swelling and bloating
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric is undetectable under clothing


After going through the pain of cutting your belly to take your child out for you, you should try not to worsen the situation by inflecting more pain on yourself. After C-section, it is not good to wear tight pants like jeans so as not to compress the lower part of your abdomen were you have cuts.

exceptions to this is only if you have maternity jeans which are carefully made for nursing mothers and some high waisted jeans for nursing mothers with elastic bands around your belly.

After C-section, there are verity of clothing you can choose to wear that will not disturb you or your child. these are known as maternity clothes. we have listed them above and there are leggings, night gowns, belly bands, sweatpants and others. this after C-section clothes will help you to heal fast and your cut area not to be infected.

Most clothes for c section recovery have one thing in common, that is, there are free and wont compress or put pressure on your incision area. So you need to buy some if you don’t have already like the leggings and button up shirts.