Can I wear a kurta with jeans?


As an Indian who loves traditional dressing like kutas but you wonder if it is possible to add some Western mode of dressing to it. Can I wear kurtas with jeans? What type of kurtas will be best for jeans? These and more are possible questions running through your mind.

Dressing to kill is what is mostly in people’s mind as they prepare for events and outings but it’s important and welcome. When you look differently from most people around, people tend to notice you quickly and might want to associate with you.

There are many trending designs and very colorful kurtis that are available today in the Indian market and they will fit you very well but which pants will be the best? Let me tell you.

Can I wear kurtas with jeans?

Some people will think that wearing kurtas with jeans is not a good way to dress in India since it’s a combination of cultural wear with Western wear but they are wrong. Every cloth is associated with a particular culture but is only foreign when it is worn outside of its city. 

Wearing kurtas with jeans is not a new type of dressing and it does look good on anyone who makes the right choice of Jean colors and kurti design. So, you can wear kurtas with jeans and look good.

Though wearing kurtas with jeans is seen to be a casual dressing but it’s worth it. There are many occasions you might want to attend in a casual dressing and Kurtis with jeans will be a nice kill. 

Can I wear kurtas with jeans to a wedding ceremony?

In some parts of the world, wearing jeans to a wedding ceremony is not acceptable and it is seen as not being respectful of the celebrants. It is only on occasions that the host points it to the dress code for the wedding before you can wear jeans to a wedding ceremony, it is rare.

This is the same here in India, you are not expected to attend with jeans to a cultural or traditional marriage. You are expected to dress in cultural or ethnic dressing to be welcomed. saris, lehengas Kurtas, bandhgala jackets, and churidars in vibrant colors and prints are often worn to weddings in India.

This doesn’t mean that wearing kurtas with jeans to a wedding in India is forbidden, you can style to slay. When the wedding guests are not told to be of a particular cultural attire to a wedding, you can twist the style and storm the occasion. No one will send you back and you will be the talk of the day.

What color of jeans can I wear with kurtas?

There are two commonly known colors for jeans and they are black or blue. When it comes to these two colors, there are different shades of either black or blue. Though there are other colors. Wearing black jeans is seen to be more formal than blue jeans. You can wear black jeans with a shirt to some formal events but not with blue jeans.

Back to our discussion, what color of jeans is best for kurtas? Any color is the answer. If you have well, heavily patterned and or embroidered kurtas, then light blue jeans will be the best but a simple pattern of kurtas goes well with black jeans.

One thing to always remember is that the event or place you want to attend will determine the color and type of dressing you will put on. So if it is a wedding ceremony in India, then you are expected to be colorful and the heavily patterned kurtas with blue jeans might be the best for the occasion.

Best Kurta style with jeans

As you prepare for your evening with your friends in the park or shopping with family, you can take your time to choose the best kurtas style with jeans.

To make you look more good and acceptable you need to be on the new and trending style of kurtas. Below are some of the best combinations of jeans and Kurtis.

Long Kurti With Jeans

Wearing a long kurti with blue jeans is one of the best dresses you can wear. When you enter an occasion with a long kurti with denims it will draw attention and create an impression that will last long on people’s minds.

To do this, you select a long kurtas style that will match your jeans which can be a V-shaped or ring shape and couple it with simple jewelries. No too many necklaces and Bangles and you will look good.

Short kurti with jeans

Another way to look good in this dressing style is to put on a short kurti with jeans. There are many short kurtis for jeans designs including common one’s like  keyhole style, puffy sleeves, anarkali-style, peplum or jacket kurtis in prints and patterns that you can choose from

It is a simple dress that draws attention and looks very good on anyone that wears it. It is a simple casual dress that is flexible and easy to wear. 

A Side Slit Kurti

This kurti style is in trend now and it is designed to have a long kurtis with side slits that usually extend up to the waist and this contributes to easy movement and gives a bold look. This kurti design comes with many styles, some with two slits on either side, such a kurti provides great room for your shapes to be well visible.

Front Slit Kurti

Unlike the side slit kurti, you can have a single front slit kurti. Wearing a front slit kurti style with jeans will bring out your beauty. It can be a long kurti or short one with front slit and you will feel comfortable wearing it.