How to break in new cowboy boots

It is always the thing of joy to many if there have bought a new cowboy boot they have been dreaming of. Am happy for you too because your fashion we wear a new look. But the problem most people do face when they buy the cowboy boot is how to break in new cowboy boots.

This is because before you can enjoy and feel comfortable wearing the new cowboy boots, you have to break in the boot. While is it always so.

As we have discussed earlier, cowboy boots are durable and they last long because of the quality material that are used in making them. The leather used in cowboy boots are rigid and because of that you might not feel comfortable wearing the new cowboy boots.

But you don’t need to worry much on how to break in new cowboy boots because this article will be tell you how best to break in new cowboy boots. These methods will be very easy as you don’t need too much stress to carry them out.

How to break in new cowboy boots

how to break in new cow boy boots

One of the main issues that people generally complain about when they bought new cowboy boots is that is tight to their foot. Only few people will complain of the boots being bigger than their foot. Even bid boots size can be made to fit you.

One good thing about leather material is that they can be stretched. The boots will be tight at first but you will feel less hurt as it break in though might take time.

There are a number of ways to break in cowboy boots or Western boots, and while not every option works for everyone, but one of these ways to break in new cowboy boots will work for you.

How to break in cowboy boots are many and we will be talking about most of them that have worked for many people and that are easy to do. There includes;

  • Frequent wearing of the cowboy boot
  • Multiple or thick socks
  • Boots stretcher
  • Boots interior steaming
  • Freeze with bag of water inside
  • Use hair dryer
  • Boots stretcher spray
  •  conditioning
  • Bend and drag with hands

These methods listed above are some of how you can break in new cowboy boots. Let use discuss them one after the other. This will help you break in your cowboy boots by yourself (DIY).

1. Frequent wearing of the cowboy boot

You can break in your cowboy boots when you wear them for few hours daily. Though this will hurt and its painful, but as you try and wear them , the leather will continue to stretch and mode to your feet.

2. Multiple or thick socks

wearing multiple or thick socks will help in breaking in your cowboy boots. This will cause you some pain to some extent, because the size of your foot have increased but it is not unbearable. When you wear double socks, it will add more force or pressure on the leather and as such it stretches and this will make the shoe to break in,

Breaking in of the bots will not happen overnight, you have to wear the boots and walk with them for few hours for some days before will can feel noticeable change.

3. Boots stretcher

how to break in new cow boy boots

With its long shaft, your can use a boot shaper or stretcher to break in your cowboy boots.

What you need do is to place the stretchers in the boot, expand them by just a little, and lock them in place.

This is a good method to use every night if you’re in that stage of the break-in period where the shoes are almost ready, but need that last bit of stretch.

You can use the boot stretcher too for new cowboy boots and it will break in within 48 hours.

Though this will come with an extra cost if you don’t have one already, but it is the easiest and fastest way to break in new cowboy boots within 48 hours.

You can try other methods of breaking in cowboy boots if you can not afford the boot stretcher or shaper.

4. Boots interior steaming

how to break in new cow boy boots

Steaming your cowboy boots will be another easy way to break in the boot. All you need to do to achieve this is to direct steams to the interior of the boots for few seconds.

You can use the regular clothing steamer to steam the boots. The heat that comes from the steam coupled with the moisture will soften the leather. Then you will put your feet into the boot.

To help the steamed boot to break in, you have to wear them when the boots is still hot so as to stretch the leather. You need to wear the cowboy boot for few hours to enable it take the shape of your foot as it cools down.

Remember, the longer you wear the cowboy boot after steaming the better as this will help the shoe to cool down to your feet size.

If you don’t have the clothing steamer, you can also use a kettle to steam the interior of the cowboy boot.

Note, the steaming should not be left for long as this might damage the leather. Few seconds are ok so as not to damage the boot

Also over steaming can make you not to wear the boot the following day since it will require longer time to dry the boot.

5. Freeze with bag of water inside

Freezing your cowboy boot for some hours can also break in the boot.

To do this, fill a plastic bag or sealable bags with water, leaving a little room for air, and gently stuff them into the toe areas without popping the bags. Fill the rest of the boot with newspaper or socks to keep the bags in place and place it in the freezer.

Allow it in the freezer for about 6 hours before you remove them.

When you bring it out of the freezer, all the ice to melt before you remove the plastic bags in them. Then wear it and see if it has break in or you repeat the process again until you get what you want.

How this works is that as soon as the ice began to form inside the boot, it will expand and put pressure on the leather and as such stretches it.

6. Use hair dryer

how to break in new cow boy boots

You can use the hairdryer to target any place on your cowboy boot that feels so tight and soften it. What you need to do is to set the hairdryer in its low temperature and point it to the tight or rigid area and it will soften. Then put your foot inside to shape them with the boot.

To help the boot maintain that shape, you can apply conditioner on that spot to help keep them in shape.

7. Boots stretcher spray

how to break in new cow boy boots

Boot stretcher spray is a leather softening spray that is used to break in cowboy boots. You need to spray the boot stretcher spray in and out of the boots to make it more pliant, then you can wear it if you are in a hurry.

Also you can place the boot stretcher inside or other materials like news papers to put pressure on the leather which will force it to expand.

8. Conditioning

Conditioning and moisturizing your cowboy boots is actually a gentle break-in method itself.

Leather conditioners, moisturizers, and oils will soften the fibers of your shoes. This will make it easier for your foot to stretch the relaxed leather out, and for the boots to conform to your foot.

You can apply the conditioner with a piece of cloth all over your boot and allow it to dry up before you wear them.

You can also place it on the boot stretcher to help with the stretching if you have one.

9. Bend and drag with hands

This method requires your strength. You need to wear the cowboy boot and bend it while walking to crease them. This point of crease will form the point of stretch as you drag and bend them with your hands.

Though this method won’t break in the boots all by itself, but supplements other methods for a shorter break-in time.