How long do cowboy boots last

How long do cowboy boots last? Lovers of cowboy boots are often concerned about the life time of the boot. One thing that interest everyone about their cowboy boots is it ability to last long.

No person will like to change their boots many times in few years and so will like to buy the ones that will last for many years.

Before buying cowboy shoes or boots, those who have not bought them before or are not cowboy boots enthusiasts will ask how long do cowboy boots last?

Cowboy boots will last over 10 years if you bout the good grade and worn for the right purpose and environment.

So the number of years your boots will last is totally dependent on many factors.

This article will discuss in details what determines how long cowboy boots lasts and how to take good care of cowboy boots.

without further trouble, lets begin

How long do cowboy boots last?

The truth you need to know about the number of years your cowboy boot will stay before you think of getting a new one is totally dependent on some factors.

Most cowboy boots when used for the right purpose and taken very good care of it will last long. Some cow boots can last as long as 10 to 15 good years.

The length of time a cowboy boot last depends on its sturdiness, quality of material like sole and leather, stitching type, maintenance and how often you wear the boot.

A cowboy boot that is made of quality material and taken good care of can last a life time and would be passed on to the next generation.

So to make our shoes last longer or for a life time, we need to consider the factors that determine how long shoes will last and also how to take good care of cowboy boots.

Factors that determine how long cowboy boots can last

how long do cowboy boot last

Choose the right cowboy boots

One thing that many people have failed to understand is that boots are made for some reasons and environment or work.

If you choose a wrong cowboy boot for a specific environment, your boot will not last as it should.

For example, you might be working on a muddy environment and you choose a low quality cowboy boots, it will be difficult for the boot to last long.

So to help your cowboy shoe last long, you should make sure you wear them in the right environment there are made for.

The popular fancy cowboy boots that you see on the street and in clubs are not sturdy and cannot last very long if you wear them for other hard works and walking in rocky terrain.

So the cowboy boots for rough terrain are the western work boots that are very sturdy and are made with rubber soles.

So always buy or use the right type of cowboy boot for the right work and environment so that the cowboy boot will last long.

Maintain the cowboy boot

Like any other product, maintenance is very important for your boot to last long. If you want your cowboy boot to last long, you need to always take good care of it.

As you work with your cowboy boots, the material tends to deteriorates and this will call for maintenance.

When taken good care off, your cowboy boots will not only last long but also look better.

Buy Quality cowboy boot

The quality of the material used in the production of the boot will determine how long the cowboy boot will last.

When you go to the market to buy a boot, you will notices that there are many brands and most of them are replicas or fake products. So you need to make sure you buy a quality one.

Low quality boots will not last long, some even last less that 2 years.

How long cowboy boots last is dependent on the quality of the boot also.

To be on a safer side when you want to by boot, buying branded cowboy boots will help you buy the right boot and it will be of good quality and it will last wrong.

How to take care of cowboy Boots

It is very important that we take good care of our boots because the longevity of it depends on how good we take care of them. Lack of proper care on cowboy boots will reduce its life time no mater the quality of the boot and how expensive the cowboy boot is.

As other boots do, cowboy boots can last for long time but will get old or discolored after some years, but with good care and maintenance, it will continue looking freah and good.

So let use see how to take good care of cowboy boots 

1. Clean the cowboy boot

The first thing to do when you want your cowboy boot to last long is frequent cleaning.

Cleaning the cowboy boots not only makes them dirt-free but also increases the boot’s life.

To clean the cowboy boot, you need a horsehair brush or other strong brush. You are to use the brush to remove the sands and other dirt on the boot.

Sometime there will be stains on the boot, to remove it, damp the shoe with warm water and brush again. Don’t forget to brush the heels also.

Then you also need to allow them dry properly every time.

If your cowboy boot is made of suede, extra care need to be taken when cleaning it. You need to get the suede brush. You can also buy the suede cleaner if there is a stain on it and it will help remove them.

Remember that water should not be used in suede shoes, so you should never use water on suede boots.

2. Condition the boot

With time, leather will become dry out and need to be taken care of. If the leather used in the boots get dried out and it crake, the longevity of the boot is threatened.

So conditioning the leather is important.

Due to wearing the boots for long time, it will loss its moisture and conditioning will bring it back.

There are different conditioners for leather boots and that of suede boot. So buy the right one and apply on the shoe.

Apply a little bit of conditioner on a cloth and rub it to the exterior of your cowboy boots.

Let the conditioner sit on the boots for a couple of minutes or wait until the boots absorb all the conditioner.

Always start with a bit of conditioner. If you need more, you can apply more. But if you use a lot of conditioner in the first place, this can cause discoloration to the boots.

3. Polish the cowboy boot

After conditioning the boots, you can apply polish on the leather cowboy boots. When polished thoroughly, the boots will recover its look with a shining surface.

4.Dye the cowboy boots

We have established that how long a cowboy boot will last is depended on its maintenance too and dyeing it is one aspect. When we wear our boots often and in a rough environment and weather, the color tend to fade, so dyeing the boot is important way of caring for it.

Make sure your boots are cleaned and conditioned before you use any dyeing product on the boots.

A particular type of protective finish was used on the boots when they were initially dyed.

Firstly you have to remove the coating so the boots can soak the dye quickly.

To remove this, you can use a leather deglazer.

Apply some leather deglazer on a wet cloth and rub it all over the boots.

Let the deglazer dry for 10-15 minutes. It’s time to apply the dye. Give the bottle of dye a good shake and pour some dye into a disposable container.

Apply the dye with a sponge or brush to your boots and wait for 30 minutes. When the first layer gets dry, apply a second layer. Once you are satisfied with the final color, allow your boots to dry for 2-3 hours.

And once you are done, polish your boots to add an excellent shine to them.


How often should I clean my cowboy boots?

How often you clean your cowboy boot depends on how much you use them. For daily use, we recommended you clean your boots at least every 3 months. For less regular use, every 6 months will do.

Are cowboy shoes durable?

Yes, cowboy boots are very much durable. The durability of cowboy boots depends on the material and quality of the boots. The better the quality, the more durable the boots are. In particular, rubber sole cowboy boots are more sturdy and durable than leather soles.

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