Do you wear socks with wrestling shoes?

Do you wear socks with wrestling shoes? You might be new to wrestling or want to start wresting, you need to know the right wrestling gears so that you can learn fast. With the right gears, you will have the right mind and benefits.

one of the must have wrestling gear is the wrestling shoes. There are a wide variety of wrestling shoes with different prices. You have to make a choice depending on your pocket and like.

Do you wear socks with wrestling shoes? Yes, wrestling socks is important when wearing wrestling shoes as it helps reduce sweating and odor. Also the wrestling socks provide an additional cushioning layer for your fit and provide support too.

Wearing socks with wrestling shoes will also help to stop injuries on your toes ankles.

Most people will be more comfortable wearing ankle socks with their shoes to their daily activities and it is good. But when it comes to wearing wrestling shoes for wrestling practice or for a tournament, you need high rise socks. Long socks will protect your ankle from rubbing against the shoes and as such prevent blisters.

Do You Wear Shoes in Wrestling

In any physical or athletic activities, wearing the right kind of footwear is very important. This is also true to wrestling as it provide confidence and support you need for the game.

Wrestling shoes is one of the most needed wrestling gears for tournaments and practice. Wrestling shoes provide increased grip and traction which help with executing wrestling techniques and movements. They also play a role in ankle support and injury reduction.

Why wear wrestling shoes?

As we have established that you need wrestling shoes, there are benefits you will get from wearing wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes are light and flexible shoes that aid in wrestling. Below are the benefits of wearing wrestling shoes.

Injury Reduction

Wrestling mats can get slippery when it get wets from sweat while training and this can be a source of injury. wrestling shoes will stop the slipping on the mats due to its design grip and traction soles.

Increased Grip and Traction

To be able to stand strong and have balance to fight, you need a surface that is not slippery or shoe that have high traction and grip on the floor. Wrestling shoes will provide the needed traction and grip and this is most convincing benefit of wearing wrestling shoes for competition or training.

Ankle Support

With an approved wrestling shoe and socks, it will be difficult for you to have ankle twist which is a major injury in athletics. Wrestling shoes will provide a nice and well needed ankle support for your training.

Wrestling gears you need

To complete your wrestling shoes for your training, you need other wrestling accessories or costumes so as to make you fit for the game. Below are some of the wrestling gears you need.

Hair Cap

If you have long hair you will have to wear hair caps before going into the wrestling ring. There are different requirements when it comes to wearing hair cap from state to state. So you should make enquires about what is acceptable in your wrestling location.

Then you can choice the size and color of the hair cap you like.

Sports Bra

To the ladies who wants to be in the rings, your need to wear fitting bra to help hold your organ in position as you fight. You need to wear sports bras when wrestling to be movable and be able to drill freely.

While Some people prefer a sports bra, while others also prefer a t-shirt, anyone you choose must be flexible to enable you move freely.

Knee Pads

To help protect your kneel, you can choose to wear kneel pads or leg sleeves. There are variety of kneel pads in the market, both single and double kneel pads.


can you wear socks while wrestling

Though it is not required in most competition, headgear is a cherished wrestling accessories. This do feel uncomfortable to many but it serves as protection to your ear.

Your ears are one of the weaker parts of your head, there is a chance that you may get hit and start to have swelling in your ears.

You can select from the chin straps or chin cups. Both have their different benefits over the other one, you have to choose what suits you.

Mouth guard

Mouth guard serves as a protection to your teeth and tongue while wrestling. Though it is not a must for all you go into the wrestling ring to wear mouth guard but it might save your teeth.

The downside of wearing a mouth guard is that it may be harder for you to breathe with one in. If you want to wear a mouth guard to competition, it’s a good idea to wear them to practice so you can get used to the feeling of wrestling with something in your mouth.

How to care for wrestling shoes

It is important that you take good care of your wrestling shoes to make it fit for the job and to last long. Below are what you can do to show you care for your shoes.

1. Dry wrestling shoes between use

It will be very important that you remove every trapped moisture from the shoe after use. This is because the moisture when not dried out will cause the shoe to smell. You can use baking soda in the shoe if you notice it smelling.

2. Always clean them

Cleaning your wrestling shoes always can make them last longer. You can use warm water and soap to wash the shoe. Use clean cloth to dry the shoe after washing and allow it dry naturally or using the dryer.

3. Wear wrestling socks

Wrestling socks as we said is necessary to help you with odor and sweat control and other injuries.

4. Wear when in need

Another way to care for the shoe is to only wear them when you are going for practices or competition. You don’t need to wear them to other occasions that is not wrestling