Can you spray paint crocs?

Can you spray paint crocs? On getting to summer we will start to get our usually shoes back and Crocs won’t be left out. Crocs are easy to wear shoes and we want them to look great and so want to dye them with new colors. But how do we go about dying the crocs because there are plastic or better call them foam rubber shoes. what is the best paint for crocs? will I use water paint? To make it  simple for you, you need acrylic based paint to avoid cracking of the paint. so can I spray paint crocs with good result? let us see.

Can you spray paint crocs?

You can spray paint crocs and you will get a god result. spray painting crocs is one of the easiest way to dye you crocs and its faster and will be attractive. Some people have also argued that pray paint crocs don’t last for long because the paint will crack, but that is not the honest  truth. Acrylic based spray paint will not crack on your shoe. Also the quality of the matters too, so for quality spray paints.

The nest and important thing to think of now is the process to take to spray paint our crocs. In cause of this article we will be using two great methods;

  1. Water transfer painting and
  2. Direct spray painting.

With both painting method, we will dye our shoe with great result and in short time.

Water transfer painting (spray paint crocs)

Water transfer painting or hydro-dropping is one of the best way in dyeing of crocs when you want to get a good result. in this method of dyeing of crocs, we need;

  • Acrylic spray paint
  • Crocs shoe
  • masking tape
  • plastic bowl
  • water
  • paper towel
  • acrylic fixatives pray

Below are the steps to spray paint crocs

Step one: Prepare your crocs

how to spray paint crocs

Select the crocs to spray paint

The first thing to do now is that you need to select the crocs shoe you want to dye, The best crocs to use for a great result will be a new white croc. With a pair of crocs, you will have a great finish after the dyeing. This does not mean that you ca not spray paint another color of crocs or even old one, anyone you wish to dye will serve.

Make it clean

Wet clean the crocs with a warm paper towel. All the parts of the crocs to paint need to be free from dirt’s and oil so that the dye will have a surface to adhere to. Allow the shoe to dry for some time after wet cleaning it.

Mask unwanted parts

There are some areas in the crocs that you might not wan to dye or use the same color on, so you use the masking tape on such places. The mask will prevent the paint from dyeing those areas and leave it undyed.

Step two: Prepare the dye pool

Get a plastic pool

You should look for a big plastic bowl that will be well bigger than the crocs to enable dipping of the crocs without the pool overflowing. Then fill the pool with clean water but not to the bream. You should allow for some space to the bream to allow the water some space to increase without spilling over.

NOTE: This exercise should be done outdoors

Spray the acrylic paint

can I spray paint crocs

After getting the pool ready, you can now spray the acrylic paint on top the water. When spraying the paint, you should tilt your hand and spray on the middle of the bowl. You should give a space of about 30cm above the water to get a well spread of the paint.

You can add Multiple paint colors if you wish. The number of color you add will depend on what you want. But all of them should be pointed at the middle of the pool.

Step Three: Hydro dip the crocs

Wear Hand gloves

To prevent the dye from touching you hands, its preferable to wear some hand gloves on you hands.

Lower the first croc

You can now lower the croc on the pool. When dipping the crocs, care should be taken so as not to displace the water. The dipping should be tilted to 45 degrees and lowered slowly.

Take out and dry

After dipping, you then should take it out slowly and dry it for about 24 hours to enable complete drying of the crocs.

Spray your shoes with acrylic fixative

The fixative will keep the paint from chipping and fading over time

Repeat the process

You can now repeat the process for the other pair of your crocs.

How to spray paint crocs -Direct spray painting

how to spray paint crocs

Now we will talk about the second method on how we can spray paint crocs. By using direct acrylic spray paint, you can change the color of your shoe to something else. below are the steps to spray paint crocs.

Select the crocs to dye

The first thing you need to do if you want to direct spray your shoe is to buy the shoe, white will be preferable. But if you have old shoe you want to dye, then take it out.

Choose the color

The second thing in how to spray paint crocs is to choose the paint color you want.

Dry clean the shoe

You need to remove all the dirt’s and oil in the shoe before you can dye them.

Spray plastic primer

To ensure the paint adheres to the plastic surface of the Croc you first need to prime it using a specially designed plastic primer.

Spray your crocs

Before you spray your shoe, you need to cover the areas you don’t want to paint with either the paper towel or the masking tape. Then you shake the spray very well before you spray them. Please make sure your hand is not too close to the shoe or far. 30cm space will be enough so that you will not have too much paint on one point. Then allow it to dry for about 24 hours before you wear them.

Apply spray varnish

Once we have painted the clogs and the paint is dry, it is advisable to varnish to protect the surface as shoes come in to contact with a lot of friction.