Can you put jibbitz in fuzzy crocs?

Can you put jibbitz in fuzzy crocs? Crocs are now common household flip-on and sandals though still expensive. There are wide acceptability of crocs even though it has less designs but might be because of its durability and true to size. In other to make it more beautiful and attractive, people now resolve to be putting charms or jibbitz on crocs. It is a common knowledge that you can add charm on normal crocs but can you put jibbitz in fuzzy crocs? if posible, how do you add charms on lined crocs.

Can you put jibbitz in fuzzy crocs?

PUT jibbitz in fuzzy Crocs

Fuzzy crocs are very comfortable to wear and because of it many people who can afford it are now moving to them. It is easy to put charms on crocs but will putting Jibbitz on fuzzy crocs be the same? Yes, you can put Jibbitz in fuzzy crocs the same way you put them on the regular crocs.

Addition of jibbitz on fuzzy crocs will make them more attractive and it will look different from the regular ones. If you have bought the jibbitz or any other crocs charms you want to put on them, then how to you put jibbitz on crocs?

How to put Jibbitz on fuzzy Crocs

Now that you have decided to put charms on your crocs, its see the steps to put charms on them.

Step One: Select the desired jibbitz

When you what to add charms to your crocs, most time you get confused on what design to buy and as such it will take time. So if you have have chosen one, then lets get to business.

Step two: Choose the opening to add your charm

There are 13 openings on each pair of your crocs flip-on, you need to choose a specific one on both pairs so that it will look balanced when you put them on.

Step three: Place the jibbitz on the crocs

To put the charm on the lined crocs, you need to place two fingers beneath the hole you have chosen and apply some pressure there, then force the jibbitz button down the hole. The force you apply on the charm and the one from the two fingers will cause some stretching of the hole then allowing the jibbitz to pass through, When you hear the “pop” sound, then you know the jibbitz is fixed. don’t worry about damaging your shoe because the crocs is flexible.

Step four: adjust to your taste

After you put the charm on the hole, then you can rotate it to the direction of your choice. Please make you the adjustment is made on the both pairs.

How to remove charms on crocs

If by any means you want to remove the charms on your fuzzy crocs maybe because its damaged or you want to change it to another design, you have to do the following;

As you did when putting the charm, place two fingers beneath the crocs and apply some force and you will do the same on top with your second hand trying to pull the jibbitz out from the hole. When you do this simultaneously, you will remove the charm on your crocs.