Can you put boots in a Dryer?

Can you put boots in a Dryer? It will be very difficult for anyone to work comfortably with wet boots for long hours. You must find a way to get rid of the water in your buts and sometimes you might be in a situation there is no sunlight.

There are many disadvantages you will have when your boots is wet. One your boot will be heavy and delay your work flow rate. Two, the boot will have odour after some hours and thirdly, it might cause blisters and bacterial infections and so many other things.

The truth is that you can put your boots in a dryer and  this is the fastest method of removing moisture from your work boot.

In this article we will be discussing ways we can make our wet boots dry and answer most of your questions about wet boots, so stay tight as we get them unveiled.

Can you put boots in a Dryer?

Using Boot dryers are the most effective and fastest way of removing water from your wet boots. With boot dryer, your work will be easier and not time consuming. when you dry wet boots with dryer, it will be faster and also hygienic as the heat will also kill the bacterial in the boot.

Yes, you can put boots in a dryer but you should not. dryers will damage the leather used in the production of the boot. what you should use to dry wet boots is the boot dryer.

There are also other ways to get wet boots to dry and you can try any of them in different time to see how effective there are. It is also good to do it yourself (DIY) as this will help you in places where there is no electricity to use dryer.

You can dry your wet boots using;

  • Fan
  • Dry Towel
  • Dry Grains
  • Paper

To enable you know how best to dry wet boots with any of the methods, below are the various detailed ways to get wet boots dry.

Best ways to get your boots dry

As we have pointed out above, there are many effective ways we can use to keep our boots dry and we can do this ourselves. It is now time to know how best to get water out of our boot.

How to get wet boot dry with boot Dryer

Can i put wet boots in a dryer

Using the boot dryer to remove moisture from your boots is very simple and fast. There are many brands of dyers in the market and with almost the same working principle.

Most of this dryers have racks were you are to place your boots upside down, then you set the machine to the required temperature and you sit and watch the magic happen.

Using dryers for wet boots is the most professional and less time consuming way and you will get the best result ever.

But before placing your boot on the dyer, you need to make sure that the boot is well cleaned. You can do that by washing it with clean water so as to remove dirt’s from them.

dryers also naturalizes unwanted odors and bacteria from your boots. You can choose to buy any of the brands and experience a stress free day.

How to get our wet boot dry with Fan

Can i put wet boots in a dryer

Apart from using boot dryers, you can use you fan to dry your wet boot. No one will like to continue working with wet boot, and you can even dry the boot in your work place. During your break period before the shift starts, you can dry your boot using a steady fan.

Look for a steady fan, remove the boot lace and use a hook or other metal material and form a hook and hang it on the fan. With the steady position, the fan will dry your boots in few hours.

How to dry wet boots with Dry Towel

Can i put wet boots in a dryer

Dry towel is also one way to dry wet boot without dryer as this will absorb the water. To dry your boot with towel or other cloth material,

  • Remove the boot lace
  • Place the towel inside the boot up to the toe, ensure it is well stuffed so as to be touching all the corners of the boot
  • Wrap the remaining part around the boot
  • Place it like that for few hours

This can get your boots dry after some hours but it depend on how much water is in the boot. You can change the towel if you noticed it is wet and yet the shoe is not dry and repeat the process above.

How to dry wet boots with Grains

This method have been used by many people though not for drying boots but for other stuff that get wet like phones.

I have used grained to dry my phone too. While in collage, I got beaten by rain on my way back and I was told that I can get my phone dry by placing the phone in a container filled with rice and it did work.

To get your boot dry using rice,

  • get a can that can contain the boot
  • place some rice on the can
  • place the boot
  • get it filled with rice and cover the can
  • allow to sit for few hours.

How to dry wet boot with newspaper or paper towel

you can stuff your boots with old newspapers and paper towels and this will make your boot dry. The paper will absorb the water from the boot and make it dry. This will take long hours if not days. This method is recommended if you are not in a hurry to wear the boots.

Can you put steel toe shoes in the dryer

Most of us that have dryers in our house can use it to dry many things including steel toe shoes. So yes, you can put steel toe shoes in the dryer. But should you put steel toe shoes in the dryer? The short and simple answer is a big No!

Boots and steel toe shoes that are made from leather should not be placed in the dryer. Even with low heat setting, dryers will damage the leather as it will extract the oil in the leather and keep it dry. This will make the leather to crack easily and worn out fast.

So instead of putting steel toe boots in the dryer, you can use the natural method pf drying boots by leaving it in open place to dry or you use the methods we have talked about above.

You can buy the boot dryers for your steel toe boots as it is designed to be used for drying boots instead of dryers.


Can I Put Wet Shoes in the Dryer?

Yes, you can put wet shoes or boots in a dryer and it will be faster than any other methods. Though there is risk of shrinking the boots if this is done often and this might make your boot feel tight to your foot.

Can You Tumble Dry Boots?

Yes, you can tumble dry boots. However, it is important to ensure that the boots are completely dry before tumbling them.

Can you put work boots in a dryer

Yes, you can put your work boots in a dryer and you will get a good result. Your boot will dry but might damage the material used in the production of the boot.