Can I wear wedges with skinny jeans?


There are a lot of clothes and dress styles you can wear today with wedges. Wedges are a nice and simple shoe that almost every lady both short, tall, skinny and chubby girls will have today in their Waldrop. 

When it comes to fashion today, there is a lot of confusion on what and what to wear and which will best fit my shoes or pants. Can I wear wedges with skinny jeans has been asked often.  

There are a lot of things to consider when trying to choose the best dress and accessories we are to put on when heading out. The place we are going to really matters and what we try to represent is important too.

To be frank with you, skinny jeans is one of those jeans styles that have come to stay and will be very much in Vogue beyond 2022. So you can get used to styling it up with nice shoes.

Can I wear wedges with skinny jeans? 

You might be trying to get ready to help a friend with shopping or to hang out with friends, then you stumble on your long worn wedge and wonder what pants will be best to wear with it.

Can I wear wedges with skinny jeans? Yes, you can wear your wedges with nice and ankle sized skinny jeans and you will look amazing.

When trying to wear a wedge with skinny jeans either blue or black, you need to make the jeans to be just above the ankle. When your pants are just above the wedge, it will bring out the wedge especially those in contrast color with the pants. 

Another good thing about wearing skinny jeans with wedges is that it will make you seem taller than usual. An average lady that wore skinny jeans with wedges will look tall to the person watching and this is one of the reasons wedges are in most of our Waldrop.

Do wedges look good on skinny jeans?

If you have a pair of blue or patterned skinny jeans and wedges in your closet, you don’t need to worry about wearing it. Wedges usually look on skinny jeans and your shape will be well out. Those ass strap jeans will be a good choice for any of your events where wearing jeans is not forbidden.

You can pair your blue skinny jeans with a carton colored wedge and shine to your shopping or classes. You don’t need to worry about how you look because you are stunning dear.

Can I wear tennis shoes with skinny jeans?

There are many styles and designs of athletic shoes available today in the market and most we have bought also. You can wear skinny jeans with tennis shoes and look amazing. One good thing about tennis shoes is their versatility of designs. 

What shoes should I wear with skinny jeans?

There are a lot of shoes we can wear today while going out and it is important we choose our style carefully. The way we look really matters a lot these days and picking the best shoe for skinny jeans is worth it. 

Though no law forbids you from putting on any shoes while wearing your skinny jeans and you cannot be penalized for doing that, we all would love to look as modern as possible and as such won’t like looking like our parents in the 90’s. So how you look is more important now than ever. Below are best shoes to wear with skinny jeans

Best skinny jeans shoes styles


Wedges are one of the hot 2022 shoe designs you can wear with skinny jeans. With wedges your stylish skinny jeans will be well fitted and you will look good on them.


Chunky loafers are another hot shoe trend in 2022 and they look great with skinnys. When wearing loafers with skinny jeans, we recommend showing a little more of the ankle so you can even try a cropped cut. Our aim here is to find the balance between running denim, bare skin and chunky soles in your shoes. Showing a little more ankle while wearing the skinnys helps maintain the shape of your legs without hiding them under the below ankle skinny jeans.


We are super excited that the ballerina is returning to our mode of dressing today. But to make it more acceptable and fit for our modern day dress code, there are a few styling tips to keep in mind that will keep your look going in 2022. Dark colored jeans when paired with ballet flats looks better that that of blue jeans, so we recommend that for you.

When choosing the length of denims, it should fall within your ankle bone and the top of your foot. Also you should make sure your denim is not wrinkled so as not to spoil your dressing. Raw edges and pointed or square toe surfaces over rounded styles are in trend now so go get one.


Sneakers are another shoe you can wear with skinny jeans. Like the ones discussed above, you will look good while wearing skinnies with sneakers. Also to bring out the beauty of sneakers, your skinny denims should be cropped. Long sneakers that will cover your ankles will not be the best. 

In addition to wearing cropped skinny jeans with sneakers, the pants should not be skin tight. The skinny denims should be a little free above your ankle so as to allow some flexibility there.


For ladies who love wearing ankle boots, you can style your skinny denims with them. As usual, ankle boots are always above the ankle and as such we will not be talking about making your pants to be just above the ankle. You can tuck in the skinny jeans inside your ankle boots but the best style is hemming or cutting the jeans to be above the boots. 


You can wear skinny jeans with sock boots and show elegance. These shoes will fit well if your denims are not skin tight so as to allow the sock boots in and denims over them.

Other shoes you can wear with skinny jeans are