Can I wear ripped jeans to work?

Can I wear ripped jeans to work? There are many controversies about wearing ripped jeans and jeans as a whole. As we known, jeans are casual dress that almost everyone own and it is easy to be worn. There is wide acceptability of jeans has made it everyday wear. But jeans are not official wear. There are may places where people argue if you can wear ripped jeans to.

In this article, we will be focusing on if you can wear ripped jeans to work. If it happens to be possible, how will you wear ripped jeans to work?

Can I wear ripped jeans to work?

Before the 60’s, ripped jeans are seen as dressing for the poor and there are only worn by people who works in coal mines and in farms. No one will think of wearing ripped jeans to the office. But things have changed.

During the time all we have is Government jobs, it is only required that all employees must dress up in suits or dress shirts and pants. But with the recent rise in innovation and tech companies are employing young ones and don’t restrict them from wearing ripped jeans, it is becoming widely acceptable.

Now you can wear ripped jeans to work in your office if you work in company that does not ban them. Also if your work does not involve working in office, then you don’t need to bother about companies dress code since you don’t need it. So if you have a neat ripped jeans, you can wear them to office.

How to wear ripped jeans to office

If you desire to wear ripped jeans to work, then you need to know how best to do that and what to pair with it to make it more official and professional.

Pair ripped jeans with button up shirts

If you want to wear ripped jeans to the office and still look professional, then you can pair it with a nice button up shirt. Then wear any dress shoe of your choice to fit in.

Pair Rip Jeans with a Blazer

To look more official, ripped jeans can be worn as business casual outfits if you rock them with something dressy. Wearing a tailored blazer is the perfect addition to ripped jeans for the office. Wear a blouse underneath the blazer and top it off with a pair of heels.

Pair Ripped Jeans with Oxford Shoes and Loafers

Belted blazer + ripped jeans + oxfords. If you have a wool textured blazer add on a belt to give your business casual outfits a silhouette. Business fashion can be far from boring!

Pair Ripped Jeans with Lace

Lace, done in the right silhouette, has been considered a favorite in the business fashion. you need to remember also that not all lace will go well with ripped jeans, so we suggest you pair a black laced top with white ripped jeans. Then wear any dress shoe of your choice.

Pair rip jeans with a jacket

When you wear a dress jacket with shirt beneath it, then with a black neatly ripped jeans as pants, you will look more official than casual. Do not forget to wear a closed toe shoe for the office.

Pair Blue Ripped Jeans with peplum top

This style is all about contrasts — soften the ruggedness of distressed boyfriend jeans with the Feminine of a flowy but structured peplum top. Choose a peplum top that complements the fit of your ripped jeans.


The kind of jeans that are appropriate for work are those that are;

    • Dark in color
    • Not very big (Baggy)
    • Have few cuts in ripped jeans
    • Not skinny jeans
In general, ripped jeans cannot be said to be smart casual. what are seen to be smart casual are dark colored jeans like blue and black that is not oversized and skinny. But recently, people in their numbers have started wearing ripped jeans with jackets and blazers to official events and offices.
Yes, ripped jeans are appropriate for casual Friday. During casual Friday, every one is expected to wear what makes them comfortable and moderate. Casual Friday wears are sometimes made to use in the promotion of companies products or services. So if your company allows for ripped jeans, then go for it.

Why ripped jeans are bad

Many people still see wearing ripped jeans as bad and other still see it as business casual. one thing to note here is that ripped jeans are unprofessional but can still be worn for a good event.
To many, ladies and mean who wear ripped jeans are sending the wrong information about themselves and misguided ones can take such opportunity to do evil. some people said also that the problem is not ripped jeans but ripped mentality.
I believe that there is a time and a place for everything and ripped jeans definitely have a place in society. I don’t believe that they are harmful to society as a whole, but I do think that they need to be worn in appropriate settings. For example, I wouldn’t wear ripped jeans to a job interview or to a formal event, but I would definitely rock them at a concert or on a casual day out.

Can you wear jeans in 30 degree weather?

Wearing jeans at any time of the season is a choice. yes one can wear jeans at 30 degree weather especially if it have few cuts. With few cuts ripped jeans, you will not few much colt at 30 degree weather.

Are jeans business casual?

How you style a jean will determine if it will be business casual or just casual wear. If you pair a black jeans with whit shirt and suit jacket, it is a well accepted men’s business casual. there are a lot of business casual jeans for men that you can but today online or in malls. So jeans and ripped jeans are business casual depending on what you pair with them.