Can I wear oxford shoes with jeans?


Many of us who have a formal job will have some pair of Oxford shoes in their closets but sometimes want to get casual. The fact is that we cannot always wear dress clothes and as such need some casual clothes like jeans and running shoes. Can I wear Oxford shoes with jeans if I don’t have sneakers? How can o Wear professional shoes with casual pants?

We might on occasion like to go out but don’t know how best to dress so as not to look awkward or living in the 80’s. So we will like to  look recent and catchy. Will Oxford shoes in jeans look like that? 

Can I wear Oxford shoes with jeans?

The simple answer is yes, you can wear Oxford shoes with jeans and you will still look good. Some people believe that Oxford shoes is a professional shoe and should always be used when your dressing is official. They also argue that you will never look good wearing Oxford shoes with jeans, but this is not true.

For a fact, Oxford shoes are professional shoes and it looks best when you wore official clothes with them but this doesn’t mean you can’t look good when you pair them with jeans. So how do you wear Oxford shoes with jeans to look good and Vogue.

How to wear Oxford shoes with jeans and still look good

In order to look good when you wear jeans with dress shoes, you need to know how best you can do it. Not everyone who has an official shoe knows how they can make it look nice with casual clothes. So how best can you wear your dress shoes with jeans?

Wear the right jeans

There are a variety of jeans in the market that you can wear. All jeans types and designs are casual clothes but some are more casual than others. When you want to pair dress shoes with jeans, you need to choose the right jeans types.

You have the straight cut, loose fit, slim fit, skinny jeans and more. The straight cut and slim fit do look more formal than others. So when you want to pair an Oxford shoe with jeans, it Should be a black or dark blue straight cut or slim fit jeans. 

Wear the right jeans color

One of the reasons why people believe that you should not wear Oxford shoes with jeans is that it looks more formal to jeans. So to make it balanced, it is best to wear Oxford shoes with black jeans.

Black jeans are seen to be more formal than any other colors of jeans in the market. Remember that jeans are the exact name of what is casual dress and you need to make it look somehow like professional dress.

While the closed lacing Oxford shoes are very professional and formal, you can make it look a bit Smart Casual by pairing it with a darker color of jeans not light ones and you will look good.

So dark blue, gray and black jeans will be the right jeans color you can wear with dress shoes and it will look similar to formal attire.

Don’t wear ripped jeans with Oxford shoes

When you have the intention of wearing formal shoes, you don’t need to pair them with ripped jeans, distress, cut and stonewashed or acid washed jeans. This type of jeans with embellishments and frills looks great with casual shoes like running shoes but not with dress shoes.

When you wear dress shoes with distressed jeans you will look awkward so when you want to look formal, ripped jeans are not acceptable because you will look less formal and more casual.

So all you need to look good with Oxford shoes is a pair of dark, no rip or cut jeans.

Go for Slim fit and straight leg fits

Slim fit and straight leg fits jeans will be the best option when wearing Oxford shoes. Though you can try other designs like skinny jeans, you will look more casual. 

Flared and bootcut jeans will be too casual for dress shoes and as such I will not recommend that for you. Though this will narrow your chances of using most of the jeans in your Waldrop, it is worth it. 

All you need is well tapered jeans from your knees down and it will be slightly loose and it will give you the best look you deserve and be more aesthetic. 

Go for lighter colored shoes

Unlike the jeans that we talked about earlier, and we said it should be in dark colors, the Oxford shoes should be of lighter colors. You will look awkward wearing dark black jeans with a black Oxford shoes.

To make it more soothing, the color of the dress shoe should be lighter and contrasting color to that of the pants. This will take the attention of the audience away from one particular place on your dressing.

Black Oxford shoes will not be the best option for you since it looks too professional so you can always go with light colored brown shoes. A bright brown Oxford will make the black jeans look more formal than casual.