Can I wear light jeans on my period?

Every woman who is still able to see their periods, there is always fear on how best to keep it secret. What to wear during this period is always a source of concern to all and wearing light or bright colors have some myths. Can I wear light jeans or pants while in a period?.

Of course no one will like to get blood stains while at the workplace or on the way, so it is very important to know what clothes or pants to put on during this period.

As commonly known as monthly visitors in some places, ladies are always conscious of what they wear or apply during this time. There are some beliefs that you should not wear jeans, tight pants or light colored clothes while in your period. But this is not true.

Can I wear light jeans while in my period?

When you are in your period, there are a lot of pains that you pass through and this makes it difficult to think straight and sometimes acts awkward. You can wear light jeans while in your period. Comfortable jeans most times help to place your pad or tampons in place.

Can you wear white jeans during your period?

We should not always have the fear that our period will leak and as such white jeans cannot be worn during your period. You can wear white jeans during your period and it will still be secret. All you need to do is place the pad neatly below your panties and make sure it is well fixed.

Is it bad to wear jeans while you’re on your period?

There is no rule that stops anyone from wearing any type of clothes during her  period. Some people believe that jeans are tight and will make you uncomfortable while you’re on period but that is not always true. There are many types of jeans that you can wear and some are flexible or elastic. This type of jeans most times are the best as they help hold your pad or tampons in place.

Can I wear High waisted jeans and pants while on my period?

High waisted jeans and pants are some peoples favorite and would love to wear it almost every day. They might have some worry if it is possible to wear it while on their period. Yes, you can wear high waisted jeans and pants during your period as long as it is comfortable and flexible. High waisted jeans and pants can also help reduce period cramps.

What is the best color to wear while in your period?

As I have said earlier, there is no color of clothes that is forbidden during your period. You can wear any type of clothes be it jeans or other pants. But since a healthy period juice is always bright red, it will be good to wear something of that color. 

To me personally, bright red colored jeans and pants are the best to wear while you are in your period. Though what one person likes at a time might differ for others, so it is hard to pick just one color. Anyone has the right to choose.

Can you wear leggings while in your period?

Yes, you can wear leggings while in your period and you will be comfortable as usual. Many people have the fear of their pads and tampons showing while wearing leggings but you can stop it by wearing long T-shirts or kurtas. As you know leggings are always flexible and this will give you the comfort you need and helps to reduce the period cramps.