Can I wear jeans after C-section?

It is always a thing of joy for women when they notice that they are expecting a baby and many will even go further to hosting a party. Truly it is a time of joy especially for newly wedded couples and they will be getting ready for having the baby. But some things might never come to mind at the initial time. What happens after the birth of the baby especially for the mother.

During the pregnancy period, there are many things that will be recommended for the lady to eat and those to avoid for the overall benefit of both the mother and child. After the child is given birth, most of the attention will be on how to take care of the baby. In most cases it Should not be so, the mother needs to be taken care of especially if the birth is through C-section incision.

So due to the C-section that is used for the well being of the mother and child as recommended by the doctor, the mother has to take care of herself very well. So they are still things to think about after C-section as a woman in terms of nutrition and clothing. But this article will focus on the best clothes to wear after C-section and those to avoid.

Can I wear jeans after C-section?

Some moms will be expecting to return to their formal clothes in their Waldrop after giving birth but most of the time they are no longer their size. For some mothers, they have increased in size and as such their pants and shirt can no longer size them. For others their belly will not return to the normal size and as such won’t allow them to put on their formal clothes, so there is a need to do some shopping for postpartum clothes.

What about those that had cesarean delivery? Can they return to wearing their usual outfit? 

Can you wear jeans immediately after C-section? 

The answer is No!

You cannot wear jeans immediately after a C-section incision. Due to the incision, you need time to heal. You cannot wear thick clothes like Jeans so as not to irritate the incision area and as such cause you pain and delay your full recovery.

It is important that every nursing mother that gives birth through cesarean delivery must take care of themselves so as not to get infected. Wearing button or zipper clothes is not advisable. Let us see some of the clothes and dresses you can wear after C-section

What can I wear after the C-section?

We should also remember that it is not all of your clothes that will not size you after giving birth and it is not all of your clothes you need to change after C-section. The only type of clothes you should avoid are those that might cause you irritation or pain in the incision site.

Apart from not wearing jeans after C-section, you should also avoid wearing tight clothes that will be on the incision site. Below are some of the clothes you can wear after C-section.

Loose pants and tops

To enable you to be comfortable while nursing your child, wearing loose pants and tops will be a nice choice. When you wear loose clothes and drag it over the incision areas, you will not feel pain and also not irritated.

Instead of wearing tight jeans after C-section, the best alternatives are wearing loose dressing. You can go shopping and pick from the nursing mother section with nice loose clothes for indoors and outdoors.

Leggings and t-shirt

To most mothers and depending on how well their incision is treated, they do like comfortable postpartum or maternity leggings. So you can shop for high-waisted leggings that extend over the incision and provide coverage during nursing. High-waisted leggings go well with most t-shirts and nursing t-shirts, and you’ll be wearing them long after you have recovered fully.

Nursing Romper

Nursing Rompers or Jumpsuits are available in different cuts and lengths and are suitable for many weather conditions and occasions. Because they often do not have a fitted waist, they are a good choice for your recovery from C-section

Jogging pants or culottes

Jogging pants or culottes will be the perfect alternative to wearing jeans after C-section or during recovery. They’re a great transition piece between seasons and you can wear them with different types of footwears. You can wear them with cute sandals, sneakers and even sleepers. 

To enjoy your jogging pants during C-section recovery, search for a pair of culottes with a wide, elastic waistband that’s high at the top for better comfort.