Can I wear a suit jacket with jeans?

Being on a casual dress code is one of the habits that most young people are adopting in recent times. We might have a nice suit with a pattern jacket for an event but we might not want to be formal so we think of putting on jeans with a suit jacket.

There is a popular belief that you should not wear nice dark colored jeans with a suit jacket but sometimes it will be ok to break the rules. But if you want to break that rule, then you need to know the right way so you might be comfortable and not look old in your outfit.

Can I wear a suit jacket with jeans?

Yes, you can wear a suit jacket with jeans to some events and you will not be seen as being off. When you need a business casual dress for an outing, then putting a suit jacket with dark blue or  black denims will be a nice choice. 

Though there are some places it will not be wise to wear jeans to such as a funeral ceremony or wedding ceremony but for a date and some job interview, you can go with it and it is widely accepted.

Though we have said that dark denims with a suit jacket can be worn to some events, you need to know how to dress. So how to wear a suit jacket with jeans to be more acceptable is important.

How can I wear a suit jacket with jeans?

For you not to look odd and be seen responsible in an event, you need to put on the best choice of suit jacket and denims. You need to be on the right color, shape, size, and fit.

When to wear jeans with suit jacket

suit jacket with jeans
suit jacket with jeans

Having a complete suit now is very expressive and as such it will not be advisable to use the jacket anyhow. You can wear your suit jacket with jeans to a place of your choice but make sure you will not damage it. If you have only one suit, it will not be wise to wear it always with denim because it will lose its color while the trousers will still be new. 

So it will be better for you to wear the complete suit to your occasions or wear another dress so you don’t damage the only suit jacket you have. You can also buy a sports jacket to lessen the pressure of wearing your suit jacket with denims.

What type of jeans should I wear with a suit jacket?

When choosing jeans to put on with a suit jacket, you should make the mistake of selecting bright colored denims. The right color of jeans is not specific but a range of them. 

You can wear dark blue jeans, black or gray jeans and sometimes indigo will be nice.

Also you should avoid wearing baggy jeans or ones that are too tight to the ties. A plain Jean without big logos or writing will be the best choice when you want to wear it with a suit jacket or sport jacket.

Suit jacket material and pattern

To look more good on your denims, the color and pattern of your suit is important. You don’t need to wear a plain black suit jacket with jeans because it will not fit. Plain jacket will go well with a suit and trousers, not jeans.

To look more business casual in your outfit, you can wear a patterned suit jacket with jeans. Patterned suit jacket will be more acceptable since it is not a formal dress.

Wear a shirt and not t-shirt

To make your dressing more business casual and good to the audience, you don’t need to wear a t-shirt. Many people make this mistake claiming that since wearing a suit jacket with jeans is a casual dressing, it is not wrong to put on a t-shirt. But this is not a good way of wearing a suit jacket with denims.

To look better, you need to wear plain suit shirts or those with stripes. When you dress in this manner, you command attention and be seen responsible.

You should also note that the color of the shirt must be in contrast with the jacket. This will bring out the beauty of your dressing.

No need of tie

You will look funny if you wear jeans with a suit jacket and tie. The best way to dress will be to go tie less. The event you are going to is not official and so putting a tie will not be a must.

So when you are planning on going out with a suit jacket with denims, your tie is not a must since the jacket will make you look formal.

Tuck in your clothe shirt

Many people find it difficult to tuck in their shirts when going out but this is a bad habit especially if you are in a suit. You don’t need to allow your shirt to hang over your waist as this will not look good on you and with time it will rumple.

The same goes with wearing a suit jacket with jeans, you need to make sure that you tuck in your dress shirt.

You can also tuck your shirt into your jeans using shirt supports. Shirt struts are essentially elastic bands that attach the bottom of your shirt to the top of your socks. Since socks are worn under jeans, shirts are not visible when worn. Instead, they stay hidden under your jeans while you keep your shirt down and prevent it from coming loose

Color of suit jacket and denims

When choosing the color of the jeans to wear with suit jacket, make sure it has a contrasting color. If the suit jacket is black, the jeans should not be black. To make a beautiful match, you can ask friends who have been on such dressing if you can’t find any for yourself.

In addition, the color of the jacket must not be very bright so also the jeans.