Can I wear a blue shirt with blue jeans?

You might be planning to hang out with friends and you thought of putting on a blue shirt with blue jeans, but one thought came up on how I will look. You might want advice from a friend and still get no clear answer on if it’s a good choice and if not why.

In this article we will look into the possibility of wearing a blue shirt with blue jeans and how best we can put on this to any event we want to attend.

Can I wear a blue shirt with blue jeans?

When it comes to the shades of dress that people should put on, especially top and trousers, there are different opinions from different people. Sometimes it comes from people from different walks of life.

People who are more exposed to wearing official clothes will always prefer to put on a white top with black trousers but those in the casual world will feel different.

So to make a specific statement of what color a shirt and trouser should be will be very difficult. But many believe that the colors should be complementary or in contrast with each other.

So can I wear a blue shirt with blue jeansg>? Yes you can wear a blue shirt and jeans but it will be perfect if they are of different hues or texture.

Though some people might not really think of what they wear as very important to attach so much attention to it but trust me how you dress to events really matter, if not to you but others watching you or with you so take time to make the best decision on wearing blue jeans with blue shirt.

As I said earlier, complementary colors will be the best when trying to wear a blue shirt and jeans. For example if you have dark blue jeans, then you can pair it with a light blue shirt and you are good to go. A dark blue jeans and shirt won’t be the best color.

So yes, you can wear a blue shirt with blue jeans but make sure it has different hues and texture and you are good to go.

How do you match a blue shirt with blue jeans?

When you plan on wearing the same color of shirt and jeans or other pants, you can add another color to break the monotony

So how can you break the monotony when wearing a blue shirt and jeans?

  • You can wear a belt or tie of different color
  • You can put on blazers or jacket of different color
  • Also add a different color sneakers

When you add other accessories like the one mentioned above, you can see that you have broken the monotony in color and you will look great.

In a blue shirt, which color jeans match?

You can wear a blue shirt with any color of jeans. Blue is a versatile color and as such goes with any color of denims and you will look great.

What color shirt matches with blue jeans?

Same as it is for blue shirts, you can wear any color of clothes or shirt with blue jeans. When you have nice blue jeans, either high waisted jeans for ladies or normal jeans, you can pair it with.

Below are color of shirt that matches blue jeans

  • Black
  • Blue of different shades with the jeans
  • Brown
  • Carton color
  • Etc

Can I wear a black top with dark blue jeans?

You can wear any color of top with dark blue jeans. Be it a T-shirt, Polo or shirt, you will look good in dark blue jeans.