Are the Raycons Earbuds waterproof

Most of us who are music lovers will like to wear our earbuds even when going to shower and as such will like to know if the raycons earbuds are waterproof so as not to damage it.

Raycons earbud are one of the best you can get in the market and there are designed and built with best of modern technology, so it have most recent technologies which make it to be used or worn in any weather condition.

Are the Raycons waterproof?

According to the manufacturals of Raycon earbuds, all Raycons are water-resistant, the E25 Everyday Earbuds and E85 Work Earbuds have IPX4 grade protection against weather and sweat. While they are poolside safe and workout ready, they should not be used in a pool, or during a shower. The E55s have IPx6 grade protection.

From the above, you can see that all raycons are not waterproof but water resistant. This means that it can withstand small amount of water on them but not water with high pressure. They are water and sweat resistant meaning that you can work out with them and not worry about breaking them or where them in the light rain and not break them.

Improved raycon earbuds which support the IPX6 rating is waterproof but those with IPX4 grade protection are not. So before you make a decision, you need to check the IPX rating of the earbud.

Can you wear raycons in the shower?

As you can see from above discussion, there are different products that the raycons have with different technology. So you can wear raycons earbuds in the shower but not all of their product. The IPX rating of raycon earbuds plays a significant role in this case.

If you have a Raycon earbuds that is IPX4 rated, know that they are water resistant  not waterproof. Because of this, they are not that resistant to withstand the high pressure of the water in the shower, so youy rayon earbuds with an IPX4 rating should not be taking into the shower.

Also, if you own Raycon earbuds that are IPX5 rated, then you can take a shower with them if you wont stay long in the shower. If your Raycon earbuds are IPX5 rated, they have excellent protection from water coming from any angle but not for long.

With the recent Raycon earbuds that are IPX6 and IPX7 rated, you can take a quick shower with them since they won’t have any problems with the water pressure, but be mindful og hot water since it might damage some sensitive elements on your earbud.

Can You Swim With Raycon Earbuds?

If you have the Raycon earbuds that is rated IPX6 and IPX7, you can swim with them for a short time. Be careful not to leave the earbud for long in the water even if nothing will happen with them as many people will argue.

Raycon earbuds that are not waterproof

Raycon earbuds that are not waterproof are those ones that are IPX4 Rated and some of them are;

  • Raycon’s E50 eardrums
  • E25 Everyday Earbuds and
  • E85 Work Earbuds
  • Raycons E55 Pro

To help you know if your raycon earbuds are waterproof or not, look carefully at the charts below

The Everyday Earbuds

The Everyday Earbuds
The Everyday Earbuds are not waterproof

The Fitness Earbuds

The fitness earbuds are waterproof
The fitness earbuds are waterproof

The Work Earbuds

The Work Earbuds are rated IPX5
The Work Earbuds are rated IPX5

The Gaming Earbuds

The Gaming Earbuds
The Gaming Earbuds