Are tactical boots good for hiking?

Are tactical boots good for hiking? As you prepare for your vacation, you need to plane very well so as to enjoy your stay there. In your years of service, if you are in any law enforcement sector, you might have some combat or tactical boots that might be used for hiking. These type of shoes will have been your top choice for hiking but you might wonder if it will be a good choice.

Others might not have such experience as above and would like to know which boot to buy. Professional hikers will not need to ponder on which shoe to wear for hiking, whether tactical, combat or hiking boots.

As an average person who wants to go hiking, the first thing that will come to your mind is buying hiking boots since this is what it is made for.

So in this article we will discuss about different boots and which will be good for you. We will be asking questions like; Are tactical boots good for hiking? Combat boots vs hiking boots, which is better for hiking? what are tactical boots used for? and more.

Are tactical boots good for hiking?

Tactical boots are very comfortable and have some of the essential qualities of traditional hiking boots. Yes tactical boots are good for hiking and you will have the same feel of the usual hiking boots.

There are some features that hiking boots have which make them to be good for hiking or walking. These features can also be seen in other boots too which make it possible to be used for hiking or backpacking.

To help use to understand why you can use tactical or combat boot for hiking, let us understand some features of each of the boots.

What are Hiking Boots?

Hiking boots are special shoes that are produced for a special duty, that is hiking. This does not mean that it cannot be used for other purposes.

Hiking boots are designed to help you feel secure, comfortable when working in difficult terrain.

These boots are produced to protect your feet as you walk on mountains, rocks and also are non slip.

So if you have in mind on going hiking this period, you can get one of the boots that will protect you and provide ankle support as you walk on the difficult terrain.

Features of Hiking boots

Are tactical boots good for hiking

1. Lightweight

Hiking boots are lightweight and made with leather and nylon which make them lighter enough for a long day hiking or short overnight backpacking trips.

In some type of hiking boots, you might noticed that they are less weight to tactical and combat boots when compared.

2. Comfort

Hiking boots have soft inner materials, cushioning, ankle support, and are lightweight which make them comfortable enough.

Comfort should definitely be a priority when choosing a pair of hiking boot. If the boots fits you well, use it and don’t worry about who it was for.

3. Protection

Hiking boots provides protection. They possess puncture proof soles, toe caps, and ankle support to give you the protection you need during hiking.

But it is being compared to tactical and combat boots, it provide less support and safety.

4. Durability

Hiking boots are made with quality and durable materials that makes them wear and tear resistant which make them also suitable for hiking.

Material which are used in the production of heavy duty boots like combat and tactical boots like nylon, suede and thick leather are also used for hiking boots.

5. Traction/slip resistant

Hiking boots are produced with slip and oil resistant outsoles for grip and traction on wet, mud, ice, rocks and various surfaces

6. Waterproof/breathable

Most of the hiking boots you will see in the market are waterproof and also are breathable.

The waterproof property of this boots makes your feet secure and keep them warm and dry as you walk in wet, snow and mud areas.

But if you are having summer backpacking and the shoe is not breathable enough, it might be a disadvantage. This is because the more waterproof a shoe is the less breathability them become coupled with the Gore-Tex lining.

What are Tactical boots?

Tactical boots are footwears that are designed for security agencies to aid fast and efficient delivery of their duty. They provide the comfort and support they need for long distance walking, walking in mountains and mud. Tactical boots are also waterproof and this made it possible to be used in any environment and weather.

What are tactical boots used for?

Tactical boots are used for long time duties that require walking in rough terrain, like forest, mountain and muddy areas. Though you can see people wearing it for other events and this is because of its lightweight and fancy design.

Features of good tactical boots

Tactical boots have all the features we have discussed about hiking boots. Tactical boots are comfortable, lightweight, durable, waterproof, breathable and provide protection.

When compared to hiking boots, Tactical boots are more heavy, more durable and waterproof and also provide more safety.

So tactical boots are good for hiking as it will provide you with all the necessary things that the traditional hiking shoes will.

Are Combat Boots Good for Hiking?

Combat boots are designed to be used mainly in combat operations by military personnel’s. However, this doesn’t mean that you as a civilian cannot wear them.

Combat boots can be used by anyone. Whether you work an active construction job or are running a difficult terrain on your next backpacking trip, military boots work effectively.

Combat boots are durable, versatile, and flexible, providing reliable support and toughness that any outdoorsy person can benefit from.

If you need combat boots for hiking, you will need a pair that provides more flexibility and support. However, most military boots are not designed to be as effective as a trail runner or hiking boot.

Difference between Tactical and Combat boots

Though this boots might look similar but there are still some technical differences. This differences will help you in choosing the best alternative to hiking boots.

Tactical boots

  • produced with Lighter, Thinner material, More flexible and Perfect for lightweight activity.
  • Use for outdoor activity; hiking & jungle trekking, etc.
  • Light version of a military boot.
  • Are tactical boots good for hiking?
    Yes! Absolutely!

Combat boots

  • Bulky, Thick & hard material, Sturdy and Heavy-duty usage.
  • Long walking trails & military usage.
  • Are combat boots good for hiking. Not the best; it is too bulky.