Are Crocs PBA Approved?

Are crocs PBA approved? As a bowler, you might always want to go with the professionals approved gadgets and this is also nice. There are many reasons why people want to wear crocs and you might be one of crocs fans. So might also want to wear crocs to bowling. There are many products that are approved by the professional bowler association and there are seen as quality products for bowling. Though not all products are submitted to the PBA for approval but you will get most on their site. what about crocs?

This article will be focusing on crocs and if crocs are PBA approved footwears. so let begin.

Are crocs PBA approved Footwear?

PBA approved bowling are products which satisfied their requirement. As a footwear, crocs are good for many activities but crocs are not PBA approved for bowling.

PBA approved bowling shoes must have the necessary qualities that will enable the bowler to throw the ball and still get balance as they slide.

Remember, one of the pair of footwear used by bowlers must be able to slide while the other will have treads to be able to provide traction as the bowler slides. This design will help protect the bowler when playing.

So to and answer the question “are crocs PBA approved bowling”, the answer is no. Both legs of crocs are normally of the same design which is quit different from bowlers shoes.

If you don’t have bowling shoes, you don’t need to worry because you will be provided with one when you visit a bowling alley and pay for a game.

Note: you will not be allowed to use your normal shoes you wear everyday on bowling lane as this might cause strain on the surface or dirt.

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Why Bowling Alleys Require You to Wear Bowling Shoes

are crocs PBA Approved bowling shoes

In most of the bowling allay you will visit, you will be required to wear any of the bowling shoes whether PBA approved or not. Most times you will be given a bowling shoe if you don’t have one but you will not be allowed to use your regular street sneakers on bowling lanes. So why wear bowling shoes in bowling Alleys?

 Bowling shoes affect movement

Bowlers are needed to wear bowling shoes because this will affect their body movement. Most of the bowling shoes are made from Leather and rubber soles. This soles are made to be good slick as this helps the bowler to slide on the lane. The slicking sole helps control your body movement as you throw the bowling ball. Bowling shoes helps prevent injuries that might occur if the shoes were to the sticking to the floor.

The design of the bowling shoes is that the slicking sole will help you slide while the rubber heel will help provide traction to help you stop after throwing the ball.

Lane protection

Another reason why you are to wear bowling shoes in any of the bowling alley is to protect their lane. The slick and shiny surface of bowling lanes are because it is mostly made from fine polished wood. So if everyone is allowed to come in with their regular sneakers and shoes worn to many places, the lanes will be covered with dirt’s, water and debris from other substances.

If all this things are allowed into the lane, it will require a lot of work for the alley to clean them up and it will take time and money to do that often. Also, it might damage the polished lane surface and will cost a lot of money to repair or replace.

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To answer your question ‘Are crocs PBA approved bowling footwear?’, the simple answer is No! Crocs are good footwears but they are not the best for bowling. If you cannot afford bowling shoes, you can get one at the bowling alley if you pay for a game.