Are Crocs Non Slip?

Are Crocs Non Slip? It is normal to get good knowledge of any product you want to buy so you know if it meets what you need it for. Crocs have different shoes including slip and non slip crocs shoes. There are different reasons why anyone may decide to make a specific choice on the type of shoe they want to buy. This is because we work or walk in different environments and as such might need something that suit it.

Crocs shoes have widely acceptance and this has being attributed by many to their variety of product and on demand designs which includes it slip resistant property.

In this article, we will be exposing you to most of the things you suppose to no about crocs non-slip property and why one of the slip resistant shoes should be on collections. Let start with the widely asked question; Are all crocs non-slip?

Are Crocs Non Slip?

Yes, Crocs are non-slip and this is why most lovers of the product are buying the brand. with the slip resistant property of crocs shoes, users can be able to work or walk on slippery surfaces with no fear of falling and getting injured.

are crocs non slip

what then make crocs non slip?

For any shoe to be non slip, that is, resists the tendency to slide on slippery or wet surface, or better still, slip resistant, the lower part of the shoe (sole) must have slip resistant threads. These marks on the down part of the sole provide some sort of grip on the floor and this helps in preventing slip of any kind.

Are all Crocs Non Slip?

No! All crocs are not non slip. The slip resistant property of crocs shoes are not built in all the brands series. They are some of them which are not slip resistant. The non slip crocs are the once with the Crocs Lock™ trademark. Crocs with the Crocs Lock™ tread on the sole will be able to provide firm grip on the floor and as such resist slip.

Best slip-resistant crocs shoes

best sip resistant crocs

With this very desirable feature on croc shoes, many people are switching from other clog manufacturals and brands to crocs.  Though no shoe will boast of having 100% of slip resistant property as crocs manufacturals do agree with, but crocs shoes beat other competitors and this have brought about wide market share.

Before you make any order online, you should make sure the one you are buying is slip resistant if that is your goal because not all models offer the Crocs Lock™ tread, so it’s best to double check the individual model before purchasing to be sure.

There are different models of crocs that have the Crocs Lock™ tread, you still need to make some selection based one wear you will like to wear them to. Below are the best non-slip croc shoes.

  • On The Clock Crocs Clog,
  • Crocs On-the-Clock LiteRide,
  • Crocs Bistro Clog,
  • Specialist Clog Work Shoes,
  • Bistro Pro Literide Clog,
  • Busy Day Ballet Flat,
  • Neiria Pro Li Clog

On The Clock Crocs Clog:

The Crocs On-the-Clock clog has a completely closed-heel design. So if you are person that works in places that do not accept open toe shoes, then you can get this model.

The On the Clock Clog will be a good choice for anyone who is in the healthcare sector because of the slip resistant tread, and it will also protect you feet from harmful object since it is closed toe designed.

These are a good choice for medical staff as the closed toes mean the feet are kept safe from stray falling items. The enclosed heel ensures the shoe will stay put and feel secure on the feet all day long.

Remember also that it is made from a polymer and as such it will be easy to clean and fast to dry if it is washed for any reason.

Crocs On-the-Clock LiteRide

Crocs on-the-clock Literide have the same design with the above the only difference is the removable insole that is attached to it. This removable insole will make the cleaning process easy and fast.

Crocs Bistro Clog

The Crocs Bistro Clog is designed to be a work clog an ideal footwear choice for workers as it’s super easy to clean, slip resistant and very comfortable for long work hours.

One of the design details is that it has a slip-resistant outsole and this is a pro to crocs since it will be used in many fields. The Crocs Bistro also has a closed-toe design and no holes, has extra metatarsal support compared to the Crocs Classics, and also has a taller heel cup.

Bistro Crocs are lightweight and comfortable while working with it.

The Crocs Specialist Clog

The Crocs Specialist Clog model is designed to be used in the kitchen by chefs and others who makes use of the kitchen. You know that the kitchen is a very vital part of the human life so safety in that area is paramount. With the Crocs Lock™ trademark on the crocs specialist clog, it can be used in the kitchen because of its non slip property.

It is also closed toe design and reinforced with a thicker construction of Croslite for ultimate toe protection from hot spills and falling kitchen items.

Are all terrain crocs non slip?

All terrain crocs are lightweight, breathable, durable and comfortable so it can be worn as casual footwears to any place of our choice but is not slip resistant. Though classic crocs are non slip but can still protect you from falling in slightly slippery floors.

What crocs are non slip?

Crocs that are non-slip are those with the Crocs Lock™ trademark. These crocs model are designed with grooved or treaded undersole which helps in providing grip to the floor and as such will resist slippery floor.

Are crocs slippery when wet?

When you wet the insole of your crocs either by pouring water on it or by your sweat, your leg will be slippery inside. Not all crocs are slippery when wet because crocs with the Crocs Lock™ trademark are non-slip.