Are crocs considered closed toe shoes?

Are crocs considered closed toe shoes? Crocs as a big brand in the footwear industry is very popular and their product is widely accepted. When it comes to shoes, there are different types, we have the open toe and closed-toe shoes. The type one buys depends on their choice which most time is determine by where they want to wear the shoe to. Our main focus in this article will be on crocs shoe styles. Are crocs considered closed toe shoes?

To help to know if crocs are closed-toe or not, we need to understand two important things; what is crocs and what is closed-toe shoes.

To begin, you can simple say that crocs are a brand of shoe manufacturals, that is, croc is a company that manufactures different models or styles of clogs, flip-on and sandals. You can visit for more information.

On the other hand, according to law insider,

Closed toe shoes really means that the entire foot should be fully covered. This includes the top of the foot and the heel. Shoes with large perforations in the uppers (such as “croc” style shoes) are not permissible, as they will not prevent spilled chemicals from reaching your foot. Likewise, the back of the foot should be covered too.

Are crocs considered closed toe shoes?

Crocs as a footwear brand has both open-toe and closed-toe shoes. Classic crocs which are widely known are open-toe shoe since their heel is not closed and the top are perforated. With the 13 holes perforated on the classic crocs shoe, it cannot be considered as a closed toe shoe.

On the other hand, if you bought the work range which are designed to be used in hospitals and other work places, then you have a closed-toe croc shoe. The work range crocs style is considered closed-toe because the toe box and the heel are all covered.

Which crocs shoe model are considered close-toe?

closed toe shoes

Since crocs have both open-toe and closed-toed shoe style, it is import we know which of the style or model is considered closed toe so it can be easy to be bought buy anybody. Below are list of crocs shoes considered to be close toe.

Crocs Bistro Clog

Crocs Bistro clog are;

  • Designed for those working in the hospitality industry.
  • Closed toe design, with open back and heel strap.
  • Slip resistant tread, Crocs Lock design.
  • Super easy to clean.

Crocs ‘On The Clock’ Clog

Crocs ‘On The Clock’ Clog are;

  • Great for nurses or chefs.
  • Closed toe AND closed back design that meets workplace standards.
  • With Crocs Lock tread (Slip resistant).
  • designed with Ankle support.

Neria Pro Clog

Neria Pro Clog are;

  • Anti-slip work shoes.
  • Washable foot bed liners, for extra comfort.
  • Extra thick closed toe protection to protect from spills.
  • Certified comfort design


Why Do Crocs Have Two Sizes?

As a US company, crocs uses US sizing model in their shoes. So when you buy a pair of crocs shoe, you will notice the two number below the sole, that is the size of the shoe. But why have two sizes?

The two numbers represent the sizes for both genders, as crocs are mostly unisex. So, e.g., in an adult croc of size 8/10, the size 8 is for men and 10 for women.

However, at times, the initials M (for men) and W (for women) are also mentioned underneath the croc’s sole.

Why Do Crocs Have 13 Holes?

The 13 holes in crocs do not represent any thing so it has no specific meaning. So the 13 holes in crocs are just the design from the company. The design has being widely accepted and as much is good for the brand.

What are the benefits of the 13 holes on crocs.

  • The holes allow your feet to breathe by offering a good amount of airflow through them.
  • Due to the immense airflow, they also prevent moisture from accumulating inside the crocs. In this way, it allows crocs to become more odor and bacteria-proof.
  • If any sand, stones, or any other irritating objects enter the crocs, it’s easier to remove them through these holes. Comparatively, this task is a bit hard in shoes without holes.
  • Allows complete washing of crocs.


Crocs are coming in both closed and open-toe shoes. There are different places for both types. These closed-toe shoes are differently designed from other categories of crocs.

You also have an idea of how to distinguish between close and open-toe shoes for getting the best pair of close-toe shoes.

Close-toe shoes have various advantages and disadvantages. Like they are great for dangerous work and keep your toes safe and secure. They are also great for athletes and, during long walks, keep your feet protective and comfortable.

In addition, they may be the source of unpleasant odors and toe pain. So, before deciding to buy close-toe shoes, you have to consider these things.