Are crocs a good shoe after bunion surgery?

Are crocs a good shoe after bunion surgery? If one undergoes bunion surgery, it is not every shoe you have in you closet that you will wear during your healing process or after healing. As it is with other surgery operations, you need shoes that will not put pressure on the incision areas or make you uncomfortable. After bunion surgery, patients are advised to wear shoes that has specific qualities and abilities. So Are crocs a good shoe after bunion surgery?

Are crocs a good after bunion surgery?

From its design, crocs with open toe are good shoes after bunion surgery. Crocs have wide toe box and the good arch support which are features of good shoes to wear after the surgery. This fits in on one of Bunion surgery recovery tips which is to wear a supportive, non-slip shoe with rubber  insole an Crocs are best fit.

Another reason why crocs are good shoe after bunion surgery is it has low heel. The heels of crocs shoes are between 1 to 2 inches and this will be very comfortable to those who have surgeries on their toe.

Crocs have a wide toe box and this will give a big room for the operated toe to relax as it heals without any force or pressure acting on it.

After a successful bunionectomy, you will be under conservative therapies such as wearing special foot inserts, bunion cushions, and other shoes like Crocs that have good arch support and a wide toe box area, just to relieve you of that pain.

Wearing too tight shoes, or other shoes with a narrow pointed end may cause your Bunion to reappear even after the surgery.

An example of such Crocs suitable to wear with Bunions is the Crocband Platform Clog, which is specifically intended to help with foot problems. Many of these come with antibacterial lining to prevent infection for people with open sores as well.

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What Shoes Can I Wear After Bunion Surgery?

After Bunionectomy, it is expected of you to avoid certain shoes which will not go well with your surgery. As I said above, Crocs is among the best shoes you can wear if you are considering what to wear after bunionectomy.

It might be or take a long time for you to fully recover from the surgery but with a good shoe for post bunion surgery, you will feel more comfortable and less pain during the time.

So what is required of the shoe you can wear after bunionectomy?

Though there is no specific shoe brand that the doctor might recommend to you, but there are what you should be looking out for in any shoe you will wear post bunion surgery. There are;

  • Balance support
  • Leather Shoes after Bunion Surgery
  • Wide Toe Box/Round toe shape
  • Low Heels
  • Prevent Bunion Re-Occurrence

We will be comparing how crocs fits into the best shoes you can wear after bunion surgery.

Balance support

When you have done surgery on your toe, it requires extra strength on your part to remain balanced, so you need shoe that will be supportive.

The best shoes after bunion surgery will provide a good support for your entire foot, paying close attention to your big toe. Look for shoes which have a shock resistant sole and crocs have one. This kind of shock absorption is important because it reduces the impact of hitting your foot against the ground when you walk.

crocs as good shoes after bunion surgery have heel support and arch support. They will hold your foot in the correct position and improve your balance and posture. They will also help distribute pressure evenly across your foot and prevent straining your forefoot.

wearing crocs shoe after bunions surgery will provide you with the balance, support your toe need for fast healing and as well be comfortable.

Crocs Shoes after Bunion Surgery

After a bunionectomy, it is important to wear shoes which are made from a flexible material which can accommodate any swelling and that is while most people talk about leather shoes. Polymers which crocs fall into are also very flexible and durable.

We would recommend wearing crocs shoes after bunion surgery. Crocs is soft, breathable, flexible, and durable.

Shoes after bunion surgery need to be soft and you certainly do not want any rubbing across that big toe joint, and with the wide toe box of crocs, that will never happen.

Wide Toe Box/Round toe-shape

In shoes, toe-box is the area at the front of the shoe, where your big toe joint is. After a bunionectomy, your feet especially the toe need to be free from strain. The best shoes after bunion surgery will be the one with wide toe box that will not constrict your toes or put pressure on the big toe joint or rub in any way. Crocs have a wide toe-box and will serve well.

Pointed toe shoes will be a bad idea after your surgery, so you need a rounded toe shape shoes. There are the best shoes after bunion surgery that will not stain your toes.

Low heel

When you wear high heel shoe, you will be putting a lot of pressure on your toes and this will be discomforting to you if you just have bunion surgery. the best shoes after bunion surgery will have to be flat or low heel so as not to cause further problems to you or delay your healing process.

By wearing a low heel shoe like crocs after bunion surgery, your weight will be evenly distributed across the foot and less likely to cause you any pain.

Prevent Bunion Re-Occurrence

Some times bunion operations are unsuccessful and they can grow back, so the best shoes to wear after bunion surgery will be ones that will prevent bunion from coming back. Bunion re-occurrence is common so to avoid this, look for shoes which prevent the formation of bunions.

Crocs as one of the best shoes to prevent bunions re-occurrence after surgery have a deep and wide toe-box and arch support. Crocs shoes which have arch support will hold your foot in the correct position and prevent over-pronation.

Therefore we would recommend wearing Crocs shoes after bunion surgery so that you can keep your feet looking the way you want them to!

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When Can You Wear Crocs After Bunion Surgery?

After bunion surgery, you will be kept in care centers for about two weeks where tour leg will be possibly raised to control healing and inflammation. So during that two weeks after the surgery, you will not be wearing any shoe at all.

So when can I wear crocs after bunion surgery? Depending on how fast you hear, it might take over a month or two for you to heal completely, before you can wear your regular shoes. But you can wear crocs two weeks after bunion surgery or so.

Do Podiatrists Recommend Crocs?

Crocs are a type of shoe that has recently gained popularity for their comfort and style. While they may be comfortable and stylish, there is no definitive answer as to whether or not podiatrists recommend them. Some podiatrists may recommend Crocs for people with certain foot conditions, while others may not recommend them at all.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual patient to consult with their podiatrist to see if Crocs are suitable for them.